Our Environments

Minnieland Academy schools each have their own personality and distinct center design. Our facilities include our early home-like centers, schools in shopping areas and business offices, and freestanding buildings. Our aim is to provide a welcoming environment for learning, exploration and growth and give top priority to the safety and security of each child. 

Our schools are equipped with large bright areas for groups and smaller age-specific classrooms for age-appropriate learning. Our innovative and creative playgrounds offer imaginative ways for children to play and explore. Home-cooked, hot meals are served family style to help children stay focused on learning.

Daycare Playgrounds


Daycare Playground in Virginia

We place an emphasis on the quality of our playgrounds and the outdoor play experiences offered to each age group. As children grow they need challenging, safe, durable equipment that helps them progress in developmental physical skills.That is why Minnieland’s playground designers create age-appropriate environments with state of the art play equipment.


Gardens & Outdoor Classrooms

Minnieland Academy is committed to supporting health and nutrition by planning physical activities both indoors and outdoors, serving nutritious foods and implementing gardening and cooking experiences. 

Child picking berrys in daycare garden

Studies indicate that children who grow their own food are likely to eat more fruits and vegetables. In the spring we prepare our gardens for planting and by mid- summer they are brimming with bounty for our children to harvest and enjoy. Each Minnieland school has a garden that has been planned and cared for by our students.

These range greatly in diversity with some schools opting to plant in garden boxes while others cultivate garden plots or collect recyclable materials to try their hand at container gardening. Throughout our Minnieland programs you will see a variety of gardening such as herbs growing in window sills, flower beds planted to attract butterflies, and salsa or pizza-themed produce growing in vegetable patches. Sunflowers are also a favorite in many of our gardens. Parents, grandparents, and community resource personnel such as Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners also lend a hand in our outdoor projects.

Gardening experiences provide children with the opportunity to learn about life cycles, environmental awareness, responsibility, and cooperation through working together. This is a life skill which generates a love of and respect for nature. 

Pools and splash areas

Daycare Pools in Virginia

During the summer, Minnieland Academy students look forward to spending afternoons at our on-site private pools and splash areas.  Our pools are gradual entry and climb to four feet at the maximum.  Younger students keep cool in creative splash areas, fountains and waterfalls.  Each area is a creative space with resilient surfacing.  We have trained lifeguards on duty.  Teachers swim and play with the children in the pool and provide supervision while the children enjoy one of the best delights of our Summer Camp program.


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