Why children need camp experiences


If you can recall being a camper or remember working as a camp counselor, then you know the benefits of a traditional, recreational day camp. But if you never had a camp experience you may not realize how significant camp can be for children. You may consider a few of the following reasons to send your children to camp.

At Camp Edventure children…

1. Spend the day being active. Let’s get moving! Children run, jump, swim, and so much more! Camp is the perfect place to learn active games that children can teach their families at home.

2. Learn social skills. Camp increases children’s self-confidence and ability to work with others. A non-competitive environment and opportunities to succeed provide children with time to build self-esteem.

3. Have free time for unstructured play. Being a part of a camp can ease the daily dose of routine our children receive. It’s less structured than school and competitive sports leagues but just enough to motivate your camper to try new things.

4. Make friends. Camp is a low pressure atmosphere where friendships are made. Because we do everything together, it’s easier for children to make new friends. 

5. Develop Life Long Skills The variety of activities provided allows campers to discover and develop what they like to do. Campers receive instruction and equipment. It’s up to campers to decide which skills they are interested in learning.   www.campedventure.com



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