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What Toddler Explorer Parents are Saying...

"I am the parent of a child who has been in the Minnieland Toddler Explorer classroom and am comforted with the knowledge that I am leaving my son in highly skilled and capable hands every day when I drop him off at school.    Everyone that I have met on the staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and nurturing."

benefits OF toddler Day Care


As a parent in the Toddler Explorer program you will be given daily communication about your child's day. We welcome suggestions and participation in our program. Written reports are provided to parents every evening. Explorer family events are planned frequently to highlight class projects and activities that are based upon the emerging interests of the toddlers. Learning is also documented in each child’s portfolio and shared with parents during scheduled conferences so you can be an active part in your child's early education. 

EXperienced Day Care Teachers & Professionals 

Explorer teachers will nurture and guide your toddler as he or she develops a sense of self.  Continuity of care is an essential ingredient in creating a safe and secure learning environment for each child. Toddlers have a natural desire to explore and discover.  Our experienced and well-trained teachers understand this as they encourage the children in their care to investigate materials in the classroom exploration centers. Your Explorer will be familiar with his or her daily routine and thrive in this specially designed environment.

Engaging Classrooms

When your toddler comes to Minnieland, he or she will have many opportunities with which to be engaged.   When you look into a busy Explorers classroom, you will see toddlers painting, singing and dancing to music, pouring water at the sensory table, stacking blocks, placing objects on a peg board, playing in the pretend kitchen and turning pages of a board book in their library. On our specially designed outdoor space you will see active toddlers that are running, climbing, scooting, and tossing balls.

Individualized Learning Experiences

Your toddler's teacher will design a weekly individualized lesson plan that promotes social and emotional growth, communication, and motor skill development. These planned activities will assist your toddler in constructing knowledge to help him or her learn about the world around them.



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