Preschool Explorer Program

What parents are saying about Preschool Explorer:

"My daughter is in the Preschool Explorer class. The school is friendly, warm, and very accommodating. Her classroom has a multitude of activities that include art, cooking, reading and singing, just to name a few. My daughter enjoys coming into the classroom and never wants to leave." 

"My daughter is learning so much from the Preschool Explorer Program."

Benefits of Preschool Explorer

Continuity of Child Care

Your child will join together each morning with other Explorers as a community of learners to start off the day with music and movement in circle time. Our continuity of care groups offer a smaller context for the Explorers when they take part in daily story time and group time. Our experienced and well-trained teachers observe and support the children in their care as they investigate materials in the classroom.

Child Care Learning Centers

When your toddler comes to Minnieland, he or she will have many opportunities with which to be engaged.  When you visit an Explorer classroom you will see preschoolers painting at an easel, creating a collage at the art table, singing and playing rhythm instruments, building with blocks, stringing beads, playing in the home living area, scooping and pouring at the sensory table as well as interacting with puppets and books in the library.

Outside Activities

Your child will enjoy the fresh air  and exercise in our extraordinary outside learning environments. On the playground your child with join with other Explorers running and climbing, playing with balls, riding on play vehicles, experimenting with materials from nature, and watering their plants.

Theme-based  Lesson Plans

The student’s actions and ideas generate the weekly activity plans, which enhance the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development of each child. Our teachers design exciting group lesson plans and add theme-related objects to enrich the environment.

Family Involvement

Communication is very important to our staff; each evening teachers are available to share Explorer daily reports with families. Scheduled conferences with parents also offer an opportunity to discuss information and to talk about the strengths of the child through the review of their student portfolio.


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