Stepping Stones Montessori


Benefits of Stepping Stone Montessori

The Stepping Stones Montessori classroom is an orderly, focused, and calm environment which will allow your child ample opportunities to learn and grow. The classroom, containing the Montessori manipulatives, gives your preschool child an understanding of the “why” behind the concepts being taught. Learning takes place in a mixed age group setting, individually and in small groups.

The Montessori Teacher

The trained Montessori teacher is the facilitator of learning. This wonderful, caring individual is the link between your child, the prepared environment, and the subjects being taught. This personalized attention encourages your child to gain the confidence to explore the Montessori equipment. Children in the Stepping Stones classroom learn coordination, responsibility, and respect through concrete learning experiences that are provided by the trained Montessori teacher in a prepared environment.

The Outdoor Classroom

Activities in the outdoor classroom foster learning in a natural setting. In addition, your child has the opportunity to play, run, and climb on the playground equipment designed to encourage gross motor development. In the outdoor classroom, your child will learn to garden and tend to the fruits and vegetables planted as a seedling and nurtured to a mature plant.

Family Involvement

Our Montessori community includes the child, parent, and educator. Working together in concert, the Montessori program will give your child the opportunity to reach his or her fullest potential.

Montessori Principles

  • Freedom of choice with responsibility
  • Foster independence and self motivation
  • Developing character and positive self image
  • Instructive materials
  • Respect for all life and diversity



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