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What parents are Saying about Morning Discovery...

“Our daughter has discovered the fun of learning how to read. She loves sharing with me the projects they do in class. Nothing is sweeter than listening to her sing songs that she has learned in class.”

Benefits to Morning Discovery

A Foundation for Academic Success

Morning Discovery Preschool provides children an essential foundation in literacy that will help them succeed in their future learning.Language and Literacy is part of the overall focus of the program. Children are welcomed each morning at Circle Time with songs and poems. Then during Interactive Play, Story Time and Learning Centers students engage with teachers in featured games and activities that build their vocabulary, language and reading comprehension skills. Mathematical and Science concepts are supported through the literacy process. Students are introduced to numbers, counting, adding and subtracting and other concepts through stories and interactive lessons and activities.

Unique Classroom Environment and Experience

The Morning Discovery classroom is an environment that showcases children’s literacy learning. It is filled with stories and projects, books children wrote and illustrated, “character puppets”, “setting collages”, “writing cards” are just a few things that will be visible upon entering a Morning Discovery classroom.

Foundation Blocks for Early Learning

The Morning Discovery Program is aligned with Virginia’s (6) Foundation Blocks for Early Learning in Literacy by the Virginia Department of Education 1) Oral Language 2) Vocabulary 3) Phonological Awareness 4) Letter Knowledge and Word Recognition 5) Print and Book Awareness and 6) Written Expression. A variety of hands-on interactive, lessons, activities and games are used to support each of the Foundation Blocks. Students work individually or in small groups with their teacher to strengthen specific skills.

Academic Partners

Morning Discovery was created in collaboration with the University of Virginia. Word Study strategies developed by Marcia Invernizzi, Professor of Reading Education at the University and creator of Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening (PALS), are predominantly used in classroom instruction. Our curriculum team continues to work closely with researchers at the University of Virginia to enhance our program.




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