STEM in Preschool and Kindergarten


Minnieland’s STEM education model for early learners was established in 2009. Our programs are focused on supporting the natural tendency of young children to explore and discover. Today, the STEM focus is at the heart of everything that children do throughout the day.

The STEM curriculum at Minnieland is holistic, incorporating all aspects of learning.  It gives children the thrill of discovery while giving them the skills of reading, writing and mathematics as tools that can be used to solve problems, not just exercised in a rote fashion.

STEM_BridgeOur STEM learning encourages a child’s natural interest in learning by centering on hands-on creative, problem-solving activities.  Whether it's exploring and interacting with different materials and textures, building with Legos, blocks, or other manipulatives, or discussing their observations and understanding of the world around them, the process of learning as young scientists is ever present in our programs.

Minnieland teachers also utilize computers and tablets in each of our programs for children over three, providing each child the opportunity to practice the hands-on skills that will help them to succeed over the course of their school years.

See how we incorporate STEM learning in these programs.

Preschool Readiness Enrichment Program (PREP)


Junior Kindergarten




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