Toddlers 16 Months - 24 Months | Minnieland Academy

Minnieland Academy’s Toddler program is designed for the growing energy and curiosity of children ages 16-24 months.


We feature:

  • Safe, and nurturing primary care
  • Individualized lesson plans
  • Daily teacher-family communication
  • Creative learning environments
  • Age-appropriate activities and materials that encourage exploration and a love of learning

Distinctives of our Toddler Program:

Primary Care

Warm and nurturing environments welcome toddlers and their families. Attachment relationships are fostered through the use of primary care in which one teacher cares for a small ratio of children. The primary caregiver is assigned to each child and is responsible for the child's daily care, as well as his/her weekly educational program. The caregiver selects activities that will enhance the child's language, intellectual and emotional development and his/her large and small motor skills.

Individualized Learning

Individualized lesson plans are developed for toddlers by our teaching professionals specializing in early care and development.

This supportive relationship provides the foundation for social-emotional, physical, and cognitive growth. Programming considers the child’s temperament and disposition and is adaptive to each child’s needs.

Parent Communication

A daily report is provided to parents, which highlights the important events of their child’s day including care and feeding schedules. This enhances the opportunity to create a special connection with each child and their family. Parent conferences are scheduled in the fall and spring. However, parents are encouraged to visit the toddlers' classroom and observe their child learning and having fun.

Supportive Environments

Appealing furnishings are thoughtfully arranged throughout each classroom creating a home-like environment. Specialized equipment and materials are situated at the child’s level to offer toddlers the opportunity to choose activities that match their interests and abilities. Family photos are posted in the classroom and children’s work is celebrated and on display. Specially designed outdoor play spaces for toddlers provide areas to explore and connect with nature.

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