Infant & Toddler Programs

Infants experience tremendous growth and development during the first two years. At Minnieland, we provide infants with love and support as they reach those first milestones. Smiles, coos, and babbles are the beginnings of language development and are shareInfant & Toddler Child Cared often between an infant and his or her primary caregiver as they sing, read, play, and share quiet moments throughout the day. 

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Infant & Toddler Child Care

The Toddler Explorer program is offered to one-year olds when they are mobile and ready for a classroom experience. In small primary care groups our responsive Explorer teachers nurture and guide toddlers as they develop a sense of self.  Continuity of care is an essential ingredient in creating a safe and secure learning environment for each child during their Toddler Explorer year.

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For additional information on Minnieland Academy's Infant & Toddler daycare programs please call us at (703) 583-6158!

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