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Minnieland Academy @ Sully Station

Morning Discovery Preschool is a literacy program for young children that include experiences in listening, speaking,reading and writing. Research shows that children that progress well in literacy are the children that have experiences rich in literature, language and writing. Minnieland’s Literacy program is aligned with Virginia’s Foundation Blocks for Early Learning by the Virginia Department of Education.

Interactive Play allows the children to play, explore and develop social skills. Art and sensory activities are provided.

During this time, the teacher works with individuals and small groups to develop written expression. The children are engaged in journal writing, dictation and book making. This is when children develop an awareness that ideas can be written. They are given many opportunities to progress through the developmental stages of writing. 

The day begins with Circle Time that includes the Pledge of Allegiance and welcome songs. At this time, the children learn new songs and poems that allow children to develop listening and speaking skills. Creative dance and movement activities are included. 

Every day includes Story Time with a literature rich book. At this time, the children are given the opportunity to engage in oral expression, vocabulary development, print and book awareness. 

During Learning Centers, the children work in small, teacher directed groups. This time provides literacy activities that focus on phonological awareness, letter recognition and word recognition. The children play rhyming games, use picture and word sorts, trace, model and create letters, play Bingo letter recognition games, play letter/sound matching games and work on name puzzles. In addition, they work on story related art projects to increase the understanding of characters, setting, illustrations and story retelling. 

Math, Science and History are included in the day as it occurs naturally with the related literature and classroom routines. For example, math will occur naturally as the children count friends, decide how many cups are needed for snack and create graphs of favorite pets. Songs and poems provide counting and number recognition skills. The Very Hungry Caterpillar naturally leads to counting how many foods were eaten and how many segments are found on the caterpillar’s body. The growing of plants, caring for classroom pets and weather observations all provide multiple opportunities for science explorations and observations. Jack and the Beanstalk is the type of literature that naturally leads to extended science activities. 

Economics, Geography and History all naturally occur as we learn about Thanksgiving traditions of the past and present, family cultures, careers parents have, and choices we make that can be classified as needs and wants. The Elves and the Shoemaker is an example of literature that lends itself to discussions of needs and wants as well as personal responsibilities and cooperation. 

This program also includes large motor play that will be outdoors when the weather permits, or indoors during inclement weather. During this time, the children are able to build body awareness and strength, develop life long fitness skills, and improve social skills and cooperative behaviors.



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