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Jr. Kindergarten Curriculum

What JK parents are saying:

“My daughter has been going to this location since she was 18 months and I’m just amazed of how much she has learned.  I know my daughter will be ready for Kindergarten thanks to her teachers!”   

“Our daughter is always excited to get to class. Her teachers are wonderful and make her feel cherished as an individual as well as part of the class team. As a parent, we have been overjoyed with how much she has learned academically and socially in the short time we have been at the center.”

Benefits of Junior Kindergarten

Trained Teachers

Your Junior Kindergartener will be taught by specially trained teachers using inquiry learning teaching methods. During small group instruction, teachers introduce subject matter specific content in literacy, math, science and social studies.  During facilitated learning centers, teachers guide students using inquiry-based learning techniques, so students not only understand the questions, but also, how they can find the answers. This innovative teaching method prepares your child for success in school.

Technology and Foreign Language

Your child will learn to use technology as a resource tool as he or she participates in problem solving activities reinforcing an understanding of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Your child will be exposed to Spanish as the language is incorporated throughout the day in songs and games to train the ear and the brain for additional language learning.

Community Service and Healthy Eating

Service learning and social studies projects will provide your child with an understanding of his or her community. Through these assignments, your Junior Kindergartener will learn that he or she can truly make a difference. Children need healthy bodies and healthy minds, so we incorporate gardening, food preparation and healthy eating and exercise choices into learning activities.  Produce from our gardens is prepared by Minnieland chefs for the students to enjoy.

Social and Emotional Learning

Our social and emotional learning time will prepare your child to negotiate larger group and class sizes later experienced in the kindergarten classroom.  This time will equip your child for subsequent educational experiences by helping him or her learn to follow classroom rules, work with other children, and practice social skills.

Family Involvement

You, as a parent in the Junior Kindergarten program are invited to unique and exclusive parent events to connect families to the curriculum. Assessments of student progress are done on a regular basis and shared with parents.

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