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Minnieland Academy at Pebble Creek and Skipwith Academy

Our Montessori Program offers

  • A Safe and Secure Environment
  • Trained, Experienced Teachers
  • Well Equipped Classrooms with specialized Montessori materials
  • Creative Playgrounds
  • Learning Centers, Story Time, Interactive Play
  • Independent, self-directed learning and self assessment
  • Mixed age groups of students
  • Encourage parental involvement




Our teaching approach assists in a smooth transition along the students’ academic path to elementary school because the Montessori Kindergarten curriculum is directly correlated with the Virginia Standards of Learning. The Phonological Awareness Screening (PALS-K) is administered twice per year in Fall and Spring. The Test of Early Mathematics (TEMA) is administered in the Spring along with quarterly assessments that allow the teacher to gain a full picture of the students’ growth and progression cognitively and socially. Due to such intentional and thoughtful teaching practices the students tend to meet and exceed benchmarks and are fully prepared to begin their formal education eager, curious, and with a love of learning.

Sensory Education

Your Montessori Kindergarten student will learn through the senses by sorting, matching and comparing objects by shape, touch, taste & sound.


By using number rods, golden beads and spindle boxes, your child will learn to understand and express  mathematical terms.

Cultural Studies

Through the clever use of globes, puzzle maps and flags,your Montessori student will study and understand other cultures, people and countries. Elements of the Natural World are also taught through pictures and name cards.

Creative Arts

Your child will delight in the music, arts & crafts, storytelling, movements and drama activities that are an integral part of the Montessori classroom.

Literacy Skills

Your child will understand language and literacy as he or she participates in activities that teach through experiential learning.

Practical Life

Your child will be taught special skills to be independent, capable and self-reliant.

Montessori Principles

  • Freedom of choice with responsibility
  • Foster independence and self motivation
  • Developing character and positive self image
  • Instructive materials
  • Respect for all life and diversity

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