What Parents are Saying:

 “…We have watched our son grow into a reader, a writer, an architect, a scientist, a real learner of the world! He has absorbed so much about everything and talks to us about gravity, the water cycle, bridges…We are so pleased with the program and so proud of our son…”

“…Our daughter has flourished so much this past year! She has learned to be a great thinker and plan her projects out. I am so proud and happy to have sent my daughter to such a wonderful school! Thank you for teaching her and making her the confident ‘big girl’ she is today.”

Our Kindergarten Features

  • S.T.E.M. Focused Curriculum
  • Individualized Teacher Attention
  • Small Class Size
  • Inquiry and Project-Based Instruction
  • Daily E-mail Sent to Parents
  • Smart Board Interactive Lessons
  • Aptitude Scores in Math and Reading

Benefits of a STEM Kindergarten

Academic Curriculum:

Choosing the right Kindergarten environment for your child will set the stage for school success. Your Kindergartener will thrive in an enriching atmosphere where a child's self-image is enhanced, independence is encouraged, and academic goals are met. Kindergarten curriculum includes the following subjects:

  • Reading and Writing
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Math
  • Social Studies
  • Visual Arts
  • Social and Emotional Learning
  • Music Performance and Composition

Literacy Focused

Reading and writing is learned as an integral part of the engineering studies with a carefully chosen list of children's fiction and nonfiction literature related to the project themes. Your child will learn to write by drawing and writing their ideas. Students receive daily phonics instruction through the use of interactive activities on the classroom Smart Board.

Teaching S.T.E.M through the natural process of Learning

If you watch children playing with blocks or playing with LEGOs you can see how much they love to make and create things. They love to build, explore and want to always touch, feel and experience the world they live in. Kindergarten builds on the natural learning process of children and incorporates teaching methods that recognize and respects the way children learn best. Through exploration, and consistent, meaningful interaction with their teacher, your child will construct a deeper and more meaningful understanding of his or her world and how it exists and works.

Expressing creative thought in three-dimensional form

Kindergarten gives your child the confidence to take ownership of their ideas and give them three-dimensional form. Your student will explore with different materials; developing hands-on knowledge of his or her unique qualities and properties, then challenged to solve a problem using them.

A STrong Foundation for Academic success

The  Kindergarten classroom is a dynamic and meaningful space that reflects a student's learning, his or her interests and the direction the learning and interests go.  Your child will have ownership of his or her learning environment and therefore will be more invested and connected to his or her knowledge and understanding of the world.  This experience will lay a strong foundation for your child's future academic years as he or she transitions into a public or private school.


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