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Five Year Olds are maturing with energy, drive, and a growing confidence. The core of our five-year-old program is elementary school readiness.


Our Kindergarten program prepares children academically and socially for a smooth transition into First Grade. It is an accelerated program with a strong focus in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).  Through exploration and consistent, meaningful interaction with their teacher, children construct a deeper understanding of their world and how it exists through hands on projects and lessons. Find out more about Minnieland Kindergarten

Montessori Kindergarten

Rooted in the philosophy and teaching methods of Dr. Maria Montessori, Montessori Kindergarten provides children with one-on-one teaching opportunities in the subject areas of Practical Life, Sensorial, Language and Literacy, Math, Geography, Science, the Arts, and Social/Cultural awareness. Find out more about Montessori Kindergarten



"Our son has had such a unique, rich year in Kindergarten. We have watched him grow into a reader, a writer, an architect, a scientist, a real learner of the world. He has absorbed so much about everything and talks to us about gravity, the water cycle, bridges...I could go on. We are so pleased with the program and so proud of our son..."  

"Our daughter has flourished so much this year!  She has learned to be a great thinker and plan her projects out. I am so proud and happy to have sent my daughter to such a wonderful school!"  

"Not many people have touched the lives of these children in the way Minnieland has. You have taught them how to read, count, handle social situations with grace and have loved and nurtured them, for this we are forever grateful...We love you!"

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