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Youth Zone Summer Camp Fun at #TEAM Woodlake!


Week 1: #ABetterMe

Team work involves people, of which you are one member. If you don’t have the right attitude and positive energy, the whole team can suffer! The road to a successful team starts with having A Better Me!

  • Monday: First Summer Opening Ceremony, “Everywhere We Go”, TEAM Spirit Day, Swimming
  • Tuesday: Character Dress-Up Day, “It’s all about the Bucket”
  • Wednesday: Wacky Wednesday, Swimming, Noodle Brigade
  • Thursday: Happy Hat Day, Club-tastic Activities, Let’s Get Cooking
  • Friday: Camp T-shirt Day, Pod Fun with Westchester and Huguenot, Uncle Pete in concert!

Week 2: #NurtureNature

Being part of a team means taking care of everyone and everything around you, and that includes the environment. What can we do to Nurture Nature?

  • Monday: Swimming, Gardening, Start “Nature Channel Production”
  • Tuesday: Pocahontas State Park Pod field trip, “Owl and Crow”, Nature Walk
  • Wednesday: Swimming, International Mud Day
  • Thursday: “Bear, Salmon, Mosquito”, Flower Pot Painting
  • Friday: Fresh from the Garden Cooking, Enjoy some Icy Treats

Week 3: #Yoga

Yoga is a mental, physical, and spiritual discipline that allows the participants to establish calm minds and balance, allowing inner peace and focus. This week we will practice the philosophy of Yoga and energize our bodies!

  • Monday: Happy Fourth of July! Minnieland Academy is closed in celebration of the day!
  • Tuesday: Hip Hop class, Practice Core Yoga Poses, Create a Yoga Rap
  • Wednesday: Swimming, Practice Balancing Yoga Poses, Sun and Shadow Art
  • Thursday: Practice Strengthening Yoga Poses, Team Games
  • Friday: Yoga Party Showcase, Yummy Yogurt Treats, Club Time

Week 4: #GoingGreen

Working for a better tomorrow is important for all of us. Let’s get together and make the world a better place for our tomorrow by Going Green!

  • Monday: Swimming, Mosaics, Recycle Art
  • Tuesday: Field Trip to Huguenot Park, Green Scavenger Hunt, Team Relays
  • Wednesday: Swimming, Filtering Water, Design a Greenhouse
  • Thursday: Yard Yahtzee, Campus Clean Up, Bird Feeders
  • Friday: Magic Show with Mickey Moore, Designing Grocery Bags

Week 5: #Survivor

Taking concepts from the creative television show, we will work both individually and in teams to show that we are all Survivors and winners in this game of life!

  • Monday: Swimming, Water Survivor Course
  • Tuesday: Survivor Field Day with our POD, Fun Treats, Water Art
  • Wednesday: Swimming, Survivor Food Challenge
  • Thursday: Camp Highroad (extra event), Team Tribal Challenges, Club Fun
  • Friday: Bounce House Fun, Sole Survivor Award

Week 6: #ExpressYourself

It is very important to have your own voice, even when you are a part of a group. Learning to compromise, share, show patience, be a gracious winner (or loser) and empathize with others, and stand up for your beliefs are all important qualities to possess when working with others. Let’s learn to express ourselves in a positive way!

  • Monday: Swimming, Picasso Faces, What’s your talent?
  • Tuesday: Field Trip to the Valentine Museum, Self Portraits
  • Wednesday: Swimming, Let’s Dance!
  • Thursday: Let’s Bake! What’s in a Thumbprint?
  • Friday: Selfie Portrait Day and Photo Booth, Talent Time!

Week 7: #ComingTogether

We work best when we are all in the game together! Let’s discover how strong we can be when we put our best foot forward and come together!

  • Monday: Swimming, start a Class Quilt, Charades
  • Tuesday: Ice Age, the Movie, Snowball Fight, Icy Art
  • Wednesday: Swimming, Class Project
  • Thursday: Building Towers, Progressive Art
  • Friday: Spotlight Studio of Dance Exhibition, Cooperative Games

Week 8: #HealthyMe

We must learn to take care of ourselves so we are better able to care for others. Our physical, mental, and emotional health are all important for our future success! Let’s get together and discover why it is important to have a healthy me!

  • Monday: Swimming, Hoop4Health Mini Camp, Food Group Challenge
  • Tuesday: Swaders Sports Park Field Trip, Food Collage
  • Wednesday: Swimming, Hoop4Health Mini Camp
  • Thursday: Fitness Fun and Boot Camp, Making Ice Cream
  • Friday: Hoop4Health Mini Camp, Butterfly Quesadillas

Week 9: #GivingBack

It is always important to remember that being a part of a team can be reflected in many ways. We are a part of our immediate family, our extended family, the Minnieland community, our elementary school community, the Midlothian community, the state of Virginia, the United States of America, and our global Earth! We must take care of our communities, both large and small, and learn to give back so that we can have better tomorrows!

  • Monday: Swimming, “If I were a Super Hero”
  • Tuesday: Random Acts of Kindness, Smash Art, National Joke Day
  • Wednesday: Swimming, Community Blood Drive
  • Thursday: Let’s Get Baking! Helping Hands
  • Friday: Bake Sale, Be a Mentor, Puppet Theater, Car Wash Clean-Up

Week 10: #BrainGames:

  • Monday: Lego Mini-Camp, It’s My Brain
  • Tuesday: Game Truck Fun, Circle Games, Musical Art
  • Wednesday: Lego Mini-Camp, National Waffle Day
  • Thursday: Electronics Day, It’s a Mystery, Marshmallow Sculptures
  • Friday: Trivia Challenge, Riddles and Brain Teasers

Week 11: #MovingForward

Our exciting summer camp has come to an end! We will wrap up our TEAM adventure as we prepare to move forward into a new school year!

  • Monday: Lego Mini-Camp, Recycle Art, Frisbee Tic Tac Toe
  • Tuesday: Mad Science, Closet Clean-Out Fun, Rocky Road Cookies
  • Wednesday: Lego Mini-Camp, Class Superlatives, Time Machine Designs
  • Thursday: Board Game Tournament, Futuristic Worlds
  • Friday: End of the Summer Pool Party

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