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 Logging In to Nature: June 12 – June 23

Sometimes recharging means going offline and going off the grid! For two weeks, children get to enjoy technology free fun by going back to the basics and learn the essentials of camping. Daily nature scavenger hunts and walks, and learning to plant and cultivate food will give them a new appreciation and understanding of nature. Children will also learn to problem solve and improvise by creating tools necessary to complete specific tasks using everyday objects found in nature. Expect to make forts and tent-towns and end the week in true camping style with a S’mores and Bug Juice Party.

Crafts and Games: Reviving the Camp Classics June 26 – July 7

When it comes to going back to the basics what could be more appropriate than bringing back classic arts and crafts and contests that you remember as a child! For two weeks, children will be introduced or re-introduced to timeless camps crafts and games. Remember making friendship bracelets and bringing home a plethora of pottery and popsicle stick sculptures? An abundance of fun and interesting materials will be readily available for children to let their creativity run rampant. Their days will also be filled with creating campy chants and songs building team spirit and confidence as they cheer on their friends participating in the daily contest or relay. Whether it’s a staring contest or a pie eating contest – who can resist!

Sports and Nutrition: Scoring Big, On and Off the Field July 10 – July 21

Cheering on your favorite team and watching them on a big screen is always fun. But imagine that it’s you scoring the winning point for your team. For the next two weeks, we will be unplugging and going back to the basics and learning the fundamentals of sports. By reinforcing teamwork, fair play and following rules, children will focus on a sport for two days – not only learning the game, but its history and origin. In an addition to learning on the field, we will take a few lessons in the kitchen and focus on proper nutrition and take a hands on approach to testing and tasting various healthy snack recipes. To top off the session we will have an awards ceremony, followed by a healthy banquet prepared by the children.

Performing Arts: Presenting…Minnieland Academy has Talent July 24 – August 4

Today, claiming your 15 minutes of fame could be as easy as uploading a video on social media and getting it to trend. For the next two weeks, we will be going back to the basics and cultivating talent and skill. Whether your child has a desire to be center stage, enjoys being behind the scenes or perhaps is looking to discover a hidden talent – this is the place for them. Everything from juggling and magic tricks, to creative expression through dance and costume, or even through spoken word and music – we will cover the broad spectrum of performing arts. To end the session, we invite you to watch our Talent Show!

Science and Exploration: Water, water everywhere! August 7 – August 18

Summer camp and water just seem to go hand in hand. By going back to the basics, we will discover how something as simple as water is far more complex than we imagined. During these two weeks, every activity, including art will incorporate the use of water in its various forms. Children will learn to think outside the box and discover how truly important water is to everything around us including ourselves! Wearing bathing suits, water shoes, and changes of clothes are a daily must for this camp session as we will truly dive into the theme.

Mini Camp August 21 –August 23

Spend the last three days of summer recreating your favorite moments from Camp EdVenture. Children will be able to journal and create mini scrap books for their favorite moments of the summer.

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