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Join Us This Summer as we promote teamwork, a healthy environment, a positive attitude, and much more.    #TEAM

June 20-24 - #abetterme

This week campers will spend the week getting to know themselves and their fellow campers better.

  • Monday: Skipwith Summer Kick Off
  • Tuesday: Fingerprint Tree
  • Wednesday: Noggin Noodle Race
  • Thursday: Cooking – Friendship Fruit Salad
  • Friday: Friendship Quilts

June 27-July 1 - #nuturenature

Campers will go back to basics as they explore nature and everything planet Earth has to offer.

  • Monday: Decorating Reusable Grocery Bags
  • Tuesday: Field Trip: Pocahontas State Park
  • Wednesday: Nature Photography Book
  • Thursday: Found Art – Nature Names
  • Friday: In House Field Trip – Raging Reptiles

July 4-July 8 - #yoga

This week, campers will connect mind, body, and spirit as they learn about the health benefits that yoga provides. Namaste

  • Monday: School Closed
  • Tuesday: Amazing Body on Paper
  • Wednesday: Flower Mandalas
  • Thursday: Yoga Message Stones
  • Friday: Creating a Zen Garden

July 11-15 - #goinggreen

Campers will learn how to reduce, reuse, and recycle as part of everyday living. As well they will learn the benefits of living a greener lifestyle.

  • Monday: In House Field Trip: Central Virginia Recycling
  • Tuesday: Field Trip: Louis Ginter Botanical Gardens
  • Wednesday: Recycled Creations - Birdfeeders
  • Thursday: Recycled Rainbow Crayons
  • Friday: Science – Charting Chemical Reactions

July 18-22 - #survivor

Campers will go off the grid and see if they have what it takes to outwit,

outplay, and outlast their fellow campers.

  • Monday: Wearable Art – Tiki Masks
  • Tuesday: Field Trip – Camp Highroads (4th and 5th Graders)
  • Wednesday: Ice T-Shirt Contest
  • Thursday: Gross Food Challenge
  • Friday: In-House Field Trip – Martha’s Bluegrass Band

July 25-29 - #expressyourself

Campers will explore their creative sides and bring out their inner Picasso.

  • Monday: Art – Creating a Self Portrait
  • Tuesday: Poem Creations
  • Wednesday: Cooking – Self Expression Cupcakes
  • Thursday: Collaging Your Personality
  • Friday: Youth Zone Talent Show

August 1-5 - #comingtogether

Campers will explore the concepts of “TEAM” and the benefits of working together to accomplish goals.

  • Monday: Science – Dinosaur evacuation
  • Tuesday: Field Trip - Iceage
  • Wednesday: Hip waddle and Silly Outfit Relay Races
  • Thursday: Engineering: Building a Balloon Tower
  • Friday: Beach Towel and Beach Ball Toss

August 8-12 - #healthyme

This week campers will learn and explore the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.

  • Monday: In-House Field Trip - Pete the One Man Band
  • Tuesday: Field Trip - Farm to Table
  • Wednesday: Cooking Project – Yogurt Pops
  • Thursday: Fitness Ball Activity
  • Friday: Stuck in the Mud and Turtle Tag

August 15-19 - #givingback

Campers will learn the importance of giving back to their local community, neighbors, and society as they focus on bettering the world.

  • Monday: Practicing Random Acts of Kindness
  • Tuesday: Field Trip: Mariner’s Museum (K-3rd Grade)
  • Wednesday: Writing “Thank You” Cards
  • Thursday: School Grounds Clean-Up Contest
  • Friday: Cooking – Making Lunch for Ms. Janice

August 22-26 - #braingames

This week, campers will strengthen their minds through puzzles, word games, engineering, and science.

  • Monday: Hand Optical Illusions
  • Tuesday: In House Field Trip – Mad Science Movie Effects
  • Wednesday: Magnetic Art
  • Thursday: Cooking Project – Brain power Kabbos
  • Friday: Engineering – Marshmallow Sculptures

August 29-September 2 - #movingforward

As summer ends, campers will reflect on what they have learned throughout their experiences at camp and look towards setting positive goals for their future.

  • Monday: Creating Dream Catchers
  • Tuesday: Balloon Tennis
  • Wednesday: Frisbee Tic Tac Toe
  • Thursday: Making Lava Lamps
  • Friday: Egg Drop Challenge

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