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Week of June 20-24 - Dive into Summer

Get Ready! This week we will dive head first into summer camp! Campers will engage in cooperative team activities as their groups work to establish group names, create class banners and make up a team chant.  We will begin the process of getting to know each other and the rules through interactive games and activities.  We will finish out the week with a bubble party and a visit from Kona Ice.

Week of June 27-July 1 - Sand Castles & Seashells

This week we will get down and dirty in the sand (and mud)!!  Campers will create seashell jewelry and get in touch with their creative side using sand as the main ingredient for a variety of arts and crafts projects.  We will celebrate international mud day and get wet and wild with our first field trip of the summer to Signal Bay Waterpark and our first trip of the summer to the swimming pool!

Week of July 4-8 - Shark Week

“I think we’re gonna need a bigger boat!”  This week we will explore the world of the ocean’s fiercest predator, creating origami sharks, sifting for shark’s teeth and playing sharks and minnows during our weekly trip to the swimming pool.  We will enjoy another visit from Kona Ice this week as well.

Week of July 11-15 - Light & Flight

Campers will spend this week exploring lighthouses and kites.  We will Paint lighthouses and cook fruit kabobs that look like lighthouses.  We will build our own kites and travel to Leesylvania Park to fly them, and of course, we will take our weekly trip to the swimming pool at Cloverdale.

Week of July 18-22 - Monsters, Myths & Mermaids

Giant squid, killer whales and mermaids Oh My!  This week campers will dive in and discover what is lurking beneath the deep blue sea.  We will have a visit from The Good Life Theater and enjoy a performance of “The Land of Aloha.”  We will create mermaid tails and sew an octopus puppet from old socks.  We will take a trip to Locust Shade Park for a little fishing and to play some cooperative group games and finish out the week at the swimming pool.

Week of July 25-29 - Sail the Seven Seas

This week we will sail the seven seas!  Campers will learn all about the wind and how it affects our oceans as well as ways of travel.  We will build a pinwheel weather vane, and design a sailboat to race against our friends.  We will participate in a variety of team building activities when we travel to Camp Highroad and finish out the week at the swimming pool.

Week of August 1-5 - Under the Sea

“Darling it’s better down where it’s wetter, take it from me!” From growing crystal coral reef, to making salt dough starfish, to cooking vegetable sushi wrapped in seaweed.  Campers will enjoy learning all about the plant and animal life under the sea.  Midweek, we will enjoy a movie day as we watch the Disney Nature documentary Oceans and expand our knowledge of ocean life.  We will wrap up the week with a trip to the Cloverdale pool and for a musical presentation by Cody and BJ!

Week of August 8-12 - Commotion in the Ocean

Sound the Alarm! Sound the Alarm! There is some commotion in the ocean!  This week we will have an in-house presentation from Mad Science of Washington.  Campers will learn the devastating effects that pollution has on ocean life and how difficult cleanup can be.  We will pick up trash on the beach at Aquia Landing, will create an ocean in a bottle using recycled water bottles, and explore other ways to reuse trash items to keep them off the beaches and out of the ocean.

Week of August 15-18 - Priate Cove

Ahoy mateys! This week, campers will create their own treasure map and pirate flag.  They will participate in a treasure scavenger hunt and take a trip to Skyline Caverns to explore the caves.  Beware! When this week’s over, campers just might be coming home exclaiming “A pirate’s life for me!”

Week of August 22-26 - Island Life

Land Ho! As summer camp comes to an end and we prepare to return to school, we will travel back on land and celebrate island life. Campers will tie dye t-shirts, learn to hula dance, and make leis.  We will make pina colada smoothies and will close out the week with another visit for Kona Ice and an End of the Summer Luau.  Aloha Summer! See you next year!




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