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Week of June 20-24: Diving into Summer

Campers will engage in cooperative team activities as their groups work to establish group names, mascots and objectives related to life above and below the ocean for the summer.

  • Monday- Summer camp kick off
  • Tuesday- Camp Flags & Names
  • Wednesday- Ocean Cloud Dough
  • Thursday- Cooking: Hawaiian Pizza, Reading club kick off
  • Friday- Flat Mascots

Week of June 27-July 1: Sand Castles & Seashells

 This week will bring us to the exploration of sand and all that it entails. Our campers will gain new knowledge into the textures, science and creatures of sand through engaged activities and trips.

  • Monday- 3D Sand Castles
  • Tuesday- Swimming Pool- Youth Zone Campers, Salt Dough Shell Fossils
  • Wednesday- Field Trip to Signal Hill Waterpark- Youth Zone Campers
  • Thursday- Cooking: Edible Marshmallow Playdough, Colored Sand Art
  • Friday- International Mud/Sand Day

Week of July 4-8: Shark week

We will embark on a journey into the ocean and follow the life of sharks. Our campers will examine the anatomy and behavior of multiple types of sharks though crafts, field trips, and educational activities.

  • Monday- School closed for Fourth of July
  • Tuesday- Swimming Pool- Youth Zone, Shark hats
  • Wednesday- Field trip to Three Lakes Nature Center and Aquarium: Youth Zone
  • Thursday- Cooking: Shark Apple Bites, Paper Mache Great White Sharks
  • Friday- Swimming pool- Youth Zone and JK

Week of July 11-15: Light & Flight

This week takes us to the air above the oceans as our campers explore the aerial abilities of sea birds as well as encountering light houses towering from the cliffs above, lighting our journey through the skies.

  • Monday- Field trip to Locust Shade Park: JK, Coffee Filter Sun Catchers
  • Tuesday- Swimming Pool- Youth Zone, Recycled Light House Construction
  • Wednesday- Field Trip to Locust shade Park: Youth Zone, Paper Bird Flying
  • Thursday- Swimming Pool- Prep, dissecting Owl Pellets
  • Friday- Cooking: Light House Fruit Kabobs, Swimming Pool-Youth Zone, JK

Week of July 18-22: Sea Monsters, Myths, & Mermaids

Our campers will share their knowledge of fables and tales of the sea as we embark on our journey to foreign waters in other lands and literature. We will discover the untold secrets in the ocean through our creativity and exploration.

  • Monday- Field trip to Aquia Beach- JK, Body Tracing Mermaids
  • Tuesday- Swimming Pool- Youth Zone, Build Own Atlantis
  • Wednesday- Field trip to Camp Highroads: Youth Zone, Gummy Octopus
  • Thursday- Swimming Pool- Prep, Crate paper Swamp Thing Dress-up
  • Friday- Swimming Pool- Youth Zone, JK, Design Own Sea Creature

Week of July 25-29: Sail the 7 Seas

This week our campers become the fearless crew of the magnificent vessels that brace the harsh seas of The Atlantic, The Pacific, The Arctic, The Indian, The Mediterranean, The Caribbean, and The Gulf of Mexico. We will set sail to gain knowledge of our waters through educational activities, crafts and literature.

  • Monday- Make your own sail boat & sail boat races
  • Tuesday- Swimming Pool- Youth Zone, Sand Slime
  • Wednesday- Wind art
  • Thursday- Swimming Pool- Prep, Cooking: F is for Fish Celery Snack
  • Friday - Swimming Pool - Youth Zone, JK, Magnet Art

Week of August 1-5: Under the Sea

We will go under water this week as our campers develop an understanding for the different life forms that reside in our oceans. We will find which sea creatures are most interesting and gain exciting new knowledge on how life under in the sea functions.

  • Monday- Field Trip to Government Island: Jk, Ocean science bottles
  • Tuesday- Swimming Pool- Youth Zone, Under the sea crafts
  • Wednesday- Field Trip to Aquia Landing: Youth Zone, Under the Table Ocean
  • Thursday- Swimming Pool- Prep, Cooking: Jell-O in a Cup
  • Friday- Swimming Pool- Youth Zone, JK, Paper bag Oyster Puppet

Week of August 8-12: Commotion in the Ocean

This week our campers will build an appreciation for how to keep our waters clean and the importance of recycling so that the ecosystem we’ve learned so much about thrives. We will explore techniques in which we can help our oceans stay free from debris and pollution.

  1. Monday- Field trip to Monroe Park: JK, Sea Foam Sensory
  2. Tuesday- Swimming Pool- Youth Zone, Water Pollution Find & Fix
  3. Wednesday- Self Watering Planter, Water Color Art
  4. Thursday- Field Trip to Motts Run Reservoir: Youth Zone, Swimming Pool: Prep
  5. Friday- Swimming Pool- Youth Zone, Jk, Paper Plate Aquarium

Week of August 15-19: Pirate Week

We are climbing aboard with the pirate crew this week as our campers learn to walk the plank, hunt for hidden treasures and swab the decks amongst the fiercest pirates of all time. Each camper will create their own personal pirate persona while we explore the life style of a swashbuckler.

  • Monday- Field Trip to Alum Springs: JK, Message in a Bottle
  • Tuesday- Swimming Pool- Youth Zone, Treasure Maps
  • Wednesday- Field Trip to Leesylvania State Park: Youth Zone, Captain Hook
  • Thursday- Eye patches, Water Play: Prep
  • Friday- Pirate Party! Parents Welcome

Week of August 22-26: Marine Mammals

This week our campers will join the animals that live on the beach and in the ocean to gain insight into how to be a mammal of the sea. We will develop a better understanding for these creatures through research and educational activities.

  • Monday- Tissue paper art
  • Tuesday- Dolphin Tale movie: Youth Zone, Finding Nemo movie: Prep
  • Wednesday- Finding Nemo movie: JK, Hatch Sea Monkeys: Youth Zone
  • Thursday- Water Play: Prep, Cooking: Making Popsicles
  • Friday- Water Play: JK, Recreating Echolocation

Week of August 29-September 2: Island Culture

Aloha! Our campers will enjoy their last week of summer soaking up the sun in a tropical paradise wearing grass skirts and dancing the hula as they take in Island traditions. We will get a taste of how the island locals live by experiencing their culture and day to day routines.

  • Monday- Making Grass skirts
  • Tuesday- Cooking: Kid friendly Sushi
  • Wednesday- Folk art
  • Thursday- Tropical fruit tasting
  • Friday- Water painting


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