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Week of June 20th-24th: Diving Into Summer

Campers will engage in cooperative team activities as their groups work to establish group names, mascots and objectives related to life above and below the ocean for the summer.

  • Monday- Summer Scavenger Hunt
  • Tuesday- Camp Flags & Names
  • Wednesday- Obstacle Course Races
  • Thursday- Cooking Project: Under the Sea Graham Crackers
  • Friday-Summer Camp Kick-Off Popsicle Party

Week of June 27th-July 1st: Sand Castles & Seashells

Campers will explore the sights, sounds, textures, and engineering of sand structures, as well as participate in International Mud/Sand Day!

  • Monday: Swimming
  • Tuesday: Cooking Project: Sand Dollar Cookies!
  • Wednesday: FIELD TRIP: Signal Bay Water Park
  • Thursday: Sand Castle Art
  • Friday: International Mud/Sand Day!

Week of July 4th-8th: Shark Week

Campers will learn about sharks and go on a search for Shark Teeth at a local beach!

  • Monday: CLOSED
  • Tuesday: Sharks & Minnows Game
  • Wednesday: Cooking Project: Shark Teeth!
  • Thursday: Swimming
  • Friday: Shark Face Painting and Photo Booth

Week of July 11th-15th: Light & Flight

Campers will discuss the function and form of lighthouses, and will build a life-size lighthouse in their classroom! Sea birds are also featured, with edible birds’ nests as a featured cooking project!

  • Monday: Swimming
  • Tuesday: FIELD TRIP: Nature and Art @ Government Island
  • Wednesday: Cooking Project: Birds’ Nests!
  • Thursday: Starburst Painting Project
  • Friday: “Paint and Sip” Lighthouse Canvas Painting

Week of July 18th-22nd:Sea Monsters, Myths, and Mermaids!

Campers will dive into the mythology of the sea, and create their own sea creatures and mythological tales! A Master the Myths obstacle course will round out the week of fun!

  • Monday: Create a Mermaid Sandbox Craft Project
  • Tuesday: Field Trip: Fishing at Locust Shade Park!
  • Wednesday: Cooking Project: Octopus Dogs!
  • Thursday: Swimming
  • Friday: Recycled Sea Monster Creation!

Week of July 25th-29th: Sail the Seven Seas

Campers will enjoy casting a line into the oceans of the world, learning about ships and the animals that live under water!

  • Monday: Swimming
  • Tuesday: Field Trip: Hope Springs Marina
  • Wednesday: Cooking Project: Banana Boat Smores Fun!
  • Thursday: Ice Block Creature Smash Game
  • Friday: Fishing Rod Art

Week of August 1st-5th: Under the Sea

Campers will freeze their own Sea Creature Popsicles, and take a trip to Three Lakes Nature Center to learn about the sea and its inhabitants!

  • Monday: Shower-Cap Jellyfish
  • Tuesday: Field Trip: Three Lakes Nature Center
  • Wednesday: Cooking Project: Sea Creature Popsicles
  • Thursday: Swimming
  • Friday: Seahorse Art

Week of August 8th-12th: Commotion in the Ocean

Campers will learn about recycling and how to save our oceans! Fun projects like experimenting with Egg Carton Runoff and creating their own Save the Oceans posters will be some of the highlights!

  • Monday: Run-Off Egg Carton Project!
  • Tuesday: Field Trip: Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge
  • Wednesday: Cooking Project: Sea Glass Candy
  • Thursday: Swimming
  • Friday: Recycled Bottle Cap Mosaic Art Project

Week of August 15th-19th: Pirate’s Cove

Ahoy, Mateys! Campers will walk the plank, hunt out treasure, and have a wonderful Pirate Party this week!

  • Monday: Message In A Bottle Project
  • Tuesday: Field Trip: Aquia Park Landing
  • Wednesday: Treasure Maps Fun!
  • Thursday: Swimming
  • Friday: Family Event: Pirate Party, Aaargh!

Week of August 22nd-26th: Marine Mammals

Campers will select a mammal a-piece and will learn about their animal through research and play!

  • Monday: Clay Animal Sculptures
  • Tuesday: Marine Origami!
  • Wednesday: Cooking Project: Ocean Water & Marshmallow Penguins!
  • Thursday: Walking with Water Balloons!
  • Friday: Beach Ball Seals

Weeks of August 29th-September 2nd: Island Culture

Campers will wrap up their Summer Camp experience here through island hopping though cultures and experiences that are native to a variety of islands!

  • Monday: Making Island Leis
  • Tuesday: Coral Reef with Tropical Fish Art Project
  • Wednesday: Island Luau!
  • Thursday: Fresh Fruit Flowers
  • Friday: Movie Day “Shark’s Tale” with Popcorn!



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