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Week of June 20-24 - Diving in to Summer

During the first week of camp campers will embark on a fun filled week getting to know one another and taking part in activities to promote team building.

  • Monday-Scavenger Hunt
  • Tuesday-designing a classroom flag
  • Wednesday-Magic Show
  • Thursday-creating a Class Chant
  • Friday-Hawaiian Pizza Party

Week of June 27-July 1 - Sand Castles and Sea Shells

Campers will have a blast this week engaging in activities to involve sand, shells, mud and water. Campers will feel like they are on the beach playing in the sand with all of the sand and water activities we have planned. From creating sea shell wind chimes to sand bottles the activities will be endless this week.

  • Monday-Swimming
  • Tuesday-Sand Dough Sculptures
  • Wednesday-Field Trip-Signal Hill Water Park
  • Thursday-International MUD Day
  • Friday-Sand in a Cup Cooking Project

Week of July 4-8 - Shark Week

Shark week is in full effect this week and the campers will be intrigued by all the Shark activities they will engage in.  The campers will have a blast embarking on everything SHARK!!!

  • Monday-Center Closed 4th of July
  • Tuesday-Dissecting Sharks
  • Wednesday-Pete the One Man Band
  • Thursday-Swimming
  • Friday-Making Sushi

Week of July 11-15 - Light & Flight

Campers will take off to great heights exploring different things that take flight.

  • Monday-Swimming
  • Tuesday-Creating Lighthouses
  • Wednesday-Field Trip-Leesylvania State Park
  • Thursday-Swimming
  • Friday-Flying Kites

Week of July 18-22 - Monsters, Myths and Mermaids

Campers will embark on a voyage of the seas; myths will be shared. Monsters and Mermaids will be explored.

  • Monday-Swimming
  • Tuesday-Constructing Jelly Fish
  • Wednesday-Field Trip: Locust Shade Park
  • Thursday-Swimming
  • Friday-Edible Monster Slime

Week of July 25-29- Sail the Seven Seas

We will explore different bodies of water and becoming familiar how they differ in relation to their locations.

  • Monday-Swimming
  • Tuesday-Field Trip: Camp Highroads
  • Wednesday-Constructing Sail Boats
  • Thursday-Swimming
  • Friday-Making Waves in a Bottle

Week of August 1-5 - Under the Sea

This week Campers will explore Under the Sea.  They will experiment with starfish, drift wood, sand, seaweed and sea creatures. 

  • Monday-Swimming
  • Tuesday-Drift Wood Art
  • Wednesday-Salt Dough Star Fish
  • Thursday-Swimming
  • Friday-Cody & BJ Jammin Beach Party

Week of August 8-12 - Commotion in the Ocean

Campers will create a commotion in the ocean this week, learning how to take care of our oceans and the sea life that live in them.

  • Monday-Swimming
  • Tuesday-Constructing an Ocean
  • Wednesday-Field Trip-Mount Vernon
  • Thursday-Swimming
  • Friday-Cooking Rice Krispie Octopus

August 15-19 - Pirate Week

Ahoy Matey! It’s Pirate Week and our Campers will enjoy learning about Pirates and how they Sailed the Seas!

  • Monday-Swimming
  • Tuesday-Creating Egg Carton Ships
  • Wednesday-Skyline Caverns
  • Thursday-Swimming
  • Friday-Pirate Mystery Treasure Hunt

August 22-26 - Island Culture

Exploring Island Culture will be an exciting experience for our campers this week, from learning about Island Traditions to celebrating with an end of Summer Luau the campers will end the summer with a bang!

  • Monday-Swimming
  • Tuesday-Seas Shell Necklaces
  • Wednesday-Tropical Smoothies
  • Thursday-Swimming
  • Friday-End of Summer Luau

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