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Week of June 20-24:  diving into summer

A time to meet new ship mates and get reacquainted with old ship mates. Meet the Crew, the cook, the 2ndin Command and the Captain.

Most important we’ll learn the safety rules of the ship. We don’t want any one falling over board!

  • Monday: Create Camp Flags, Names, Rules and Scavenger Hunt
  • Tuesday: Cooking: Ocean Cloud Dough
  • Wednesday: Class Changes & Make Your Own Stickers
  • Thursday: Choose Author of the Month and Class Clubs Meet
  • Friday: Build a Lei & Class Theme Pictures

Week of June 27- July 1: Sandcastles and Seashells

  • Monday: Seashell Mobiles
  • Tuesday: Cooking: Beach in a Cup and Swimming
  • Wednesday: Field Trip to Signal Hill Water Park
  • Thursday: Search & Find Under the Sea and Colored Sand art
  • Friday: International Mud and Sand Day

Week of July 4-8:  Shark Week

  • Monday: Closed for July 4th
  • Tuesday: Swimming, Cooking: Shark
  • Wednesday: Fish for Sharks
  • Thursday: Field Trip: Shark Teeth at Leeyslvania Park
  • Friday: “There was a Shark” The Shark Bit My Cup!

Week of July 11-15: Light and Flight

  • Monday: Shredded Paper Bird’s Nests and Rock Reef Water Table
  • Tuesday: Cooking: Bird Seed Biscuits and Swimming
  • Wednesday: Room-Size Lighthouses
  • Thursday: Field Trip to the Pet Store: Pick a class fish
  • Friday: Seal Salt Painting and Balloon Volleyball

Week of July 18-22: Sea Monsters, Myths and Mermaids

  • Monday: Mermaid Tails and Kraken Scales and Build your Own Atlantis
  • Tuesday: Cooking: Jello Oceans
  • Wednesday: Design your own Sea Creature
  • Thursday: Field Trip: Library for Myth Trip
  • Friday: Gummi Octopus: How big will it get?

Week of July 25-29: Sail the Seven Seas

  • Monday: Wading Pool Balloon Painting
  • Tuesday: Swimming and Cooking: Grahams
  • Wednesday: Field Trip: Camp High Roads
  • Thursday: Make Class Boats and Race them
  • Friday: Wind Art and Face Painting

Week of August 1-5: Under the Sea

  • Monday: Grow Your Own Salt Crystals and Ship Captain Game
  • Tuesday: Glowing Water and Swimming
  • Wednesday: Soda Bottle Scuba Diver Costumes
  • Thursday: Sea Headbands and Paper Fish Scales and Snow Cone Day
  • Friday: Show Cap Jellyfish

Week of August 7-12 Commotion in the Ocean

  • Monday: Water Bottle Paint Fish and Run-Off Egg Cartons
  • Tuesday: “Think Blue, Go Green” Posters and Swimming
  • Wednesday: “Eco-Wash” Project
  • Thursday: Sorting Activity and Field Trip to the Library for Recycling Research
  • Friday: Eco-Art Project

Week of August 15-19: Pirate Week

  • Monday: Digging for Treasure and making Spy Glasses
  • Tuesday: Hook Ring Toss and Swimming
  • Wednesday: Message in a Bottle
  • Thursday: Treasure Maps and Field Trip to Mason Neck Park
  • Friday: Pirate Ship Group Photos

Week of August 22-26: Island Culture

  • Monday: Preserve Summer Boards and set up Fall Boards
  • Tuesday: “Take-Home” Summer Keepsake Art Project
  • Wednesday: Decorate a T-Shirt from Home
  • Thursday: “Fave Game Day”
  • Friday: LUAU


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