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Have an EPIC Summer with Camp Edventure


Epic Sports! –June 15-June 17

Let’s Get Ready to RUUUUMBLE!!! Campers will experience the thrills of working together while participating in epic sports. Your thrill Seeker will jump, race and climb. They will be building their confidence and sportsmanship skills while having fun learning new sports. At the end of the week the campers will compete in an Epic race where they will have to overcome epic obstacles. Friday we will celebrate International Mud Day!

  • 6/15- Campers will choose teams and design flags
  • 6/16- Campers will compete in an Epic Obstacle Course
  • 6/17- International Mud Day! Camp Kick Off! Join us for a school wide party to kick off our EPIC SUMMER!


Campers will learn the history of gardening. They will be introduced to gardening tools from the past to present. They will implement these tools as they dive into gardening. They will also use the fruit and vegetables they grow to create a Farmer’s Market for the parents and prepare fresh dishes to enjoy.

  • 6/20- We will explore garden tools from the past to the present
  • 6/21- We will design a plan for our outdoor classroom
  • 6/22- We will build our flower wall
  • 6/23- We will go to Shenandoah Valley Discovery Museum on a field trip
  • 6/24- Grand Opening of our EPIC Outdoor Classroom! Parents are invited to join us from 3:00- 4:00

GAME SHOW MANIA- June 27 –July 1

Get ready to play as a contestant, judge, or even game show host! Come on down to a week of game show fun where we will challenge each other to compete in versions of our favorite game shows. You’ll win prizes and set your competitive spirit free. Even more exciting you can design your own game show.

  • 6/27- Teams will design the set of our game show!
  • 6/28- We will practice our game show and make the game rules
  • 6/29- Safari Bingo Show! We will watch her amazing tricks and watch her dancing poodle at 10:00 am
  • 6/30 Field Trip to the Kirkpatrick Minnieland Pool


Do you have what it takes? We will arrive on Survivor Mountain. The council will convene each morning and reveal the day’s challenges to the campers. There will be physical and mental challenges set up for the teams in hopes to capturing immunity. The fun-filled activities will include games, daring food tasting, and variety of chances to express their unique creativity and develop teamwork. The player will attempt to stay on the mountain by searching for the immunity symbol.

  • 7/4- CLOSED for Independence Day!
  • 7/5- We will play SURVIVOR Mountain. Who will stay on the mountain?
  • 7/6- Field trip to Rebounderz
  • 7/7 Tracy’s Ponies and petting farm will visit from 10:00-11:30 then we will go to the pool
  • 7/8 Cosmic Adventure Trip at Minnieland Belmont


Campers will have a chance to explore nature, the wilderness, and go on an adventure in the great outdoors. Does your child like outdoor critters? They will be sure to encounter these out door friends while hiking. They will learn basic survival skills before venturing out on our exciting adventures.

  • 7/11- Hike at balls Bluff and Picnic Lunch
  • 7/12- Outdoor sports Extravaganza!
  • 7/13- Nature Walk
  • 7/14-Pool Field Trip
  • 7/15- Field trip to Great Country Farms

LET’S PLAY BALL -July 25 – July 29

Campers will have a chance to play and practice all sorts of ball games. From bowling to tennis, and even basketball, our athletes will bounce, throw, dribble, juggle, hit and toss themselves silly! This week will be full of games building hand-eye coordination, teamwork activities and learning the necessary skills for the many different ball games.

  • 7/25- Campers Crab Soccer Game
  • 7/26- Volleyball tournament
  • 7/27-Field Trip to Glow Golf!
  • 7/28- Pool field trip
  • 7/29- Bowling at Village Lanes


Top Chef– August 2- August 6

The mission of the week is to accept daily cooking challenges and see just how creative the chefs can be when faced with limited time and resources. After accepting each chef will gather what they will need to complete the challenge. They will be busy measuring, mixing and chasing the clock. They will also be learning about good nutrition, math and chemistry while experiencing great tasting foods.

  • 8/1- Top Chef Cook Off
  • 8/2- Appetizer Challenge and the Ice Cream Truck comes
  • 8/3- Entre Cooking Challenge
  • 8/4- Pool Field trip and Dessert cooking challenge
  • 8/5- Cici’s Pizza field trip

EXPLORING OUR GALAXY – August 8 – August 12

Come BLAST OFF with us! Campers will explore aviation, outer space and everything astronomy. As we explore the galaxy, we will also have the chance to visit the air and space museum. They will be able to visit space on a space simulator and then even taste different types of foods that the astronauts eat. To end the week with a BANG we will create our own bottle rockets and have a big Rocket Launch on Friday afternoon!

  • 8/8- Campers will start a “My Size Solar System”
  • 8/9- Rocket Ship Races
  • 8/10- Field trip to Pump it Up
  • 8/11- Field trip to the pool
  • 8/12- Mad Science Show!

THAT KID’S GOT TALENT – August 15 – August 19

Show us what you’ve got! This creative week will bring out the best in our campers. The campers will have a chance to sing, dance, write, design and build sets to perform as they take the stage! The final will be a talent show at the end of the week. Save the date and cheer your little camper on in our end of the summer showcase!

  • 8/15- Campers will plan their talent for the big show on Friday and begin making props or costumes
  • 8/16- Cody and BJ Show at 3:00
  • 8/17- Campers will make back drop and continue work on costumes
  • 8/18- Talent show practice and pool field trip
  • 8/19- Leesburg Animal Park field trip

Minnieland Olympics- August 22 – August 26

  • 8/22- Opening Ceremonies
  • 8/23- Class will chose which games they will sign up for and train for that game
  • 8/24- Campers will make Leesburg Campers Team T-Shirts
  • 8/25- Campers will make Olympic torches and learn the history of the Olympics
  • 8/26- Minnieland Academy Olympics! All parents are invited to join in the festivities!

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