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All Around the World Introductions June 14-June 16

Let’s take a trip and get a preview of the many adventures we will take this summer. We will talk about where we are going, what we would like to learn and what we will do while we are there! Let’s create a passport to adventure!

Music Around the World June 19-June 23

Do you have a favorite type of music? Do you like to dance? How do you think music around the world differs? Let’s have a Dance Party and find out!

Food Around the World  June 26-June 30

Yummy in the Tummy! What are some of your favorite foods and what do children in other countries enjoy on a regular basis and as a special treat? Let’s find out and have a taste!

Independence Day Around the World July 3-July 7

Cookouts, Fireworks and Red, White and Blue is how we celebrate our Independence! How do other countries celebrate their independence and when? Let’s find out!

The Great Outdoors Around the World July 10-July 14

We love to go camping, hiking and swimming in the summer months! What other fun things are there around the world?

Great Inventors Around the World July 17- July 21

Some of the world’s best known Inventors come from Germany, Denmark, England and many other far off places! Let’s find out who they are, how they contributed to the world and how their inventions are used today!

Great Artist Around the World July 24-July 28

Leonardo Da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, Michaelango, Pablo Piccaso and many more! Let’s explore their work and create some of our own!

Sports Around the World July 31-August 4

Baseball, Football, Soccer and Lacrosse are all fun sports to play! Let’s take a look around the world at what sports other countries play and how they compare to the U.S! 

Summer Fun Around the World August 7-August 11

During the summer nothing is more fun than amusement parks and heading to the beach with our families! How do families around the world spend their family vacations and what fun things do they do?

Animal Exploration Around the World August 14 – August 17

There are certain animals that can only be found in certain parts of the world! Let’s go on an adventure to find these amazing creatures and how they live.













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