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Summer Camp Activities

Community Action! - Encouraging Community Engagement –

Creating  Powerful Citizens and Leadership


Environmental Responsibility: Plant Life June 12 – June 16

To start off our summer camp experience, we will be focusing on environmental responsibility with a focus on plant life and our impact. We will review what plants need in order to survive and how our behavior affects the survival of plant life. We will have activities that include planting either trees or plants that are beneficial to our local area. Clean air and water.

Environmental Responsibility: Animals June 19 – June 23

We will continue with our theme of environmental responsibility but this time with an emphasis on animal wildlife. We will discuss how animals are a part of the local ecosystem and our responsibility. It will give us the opportunity to discuss endangered animals and what we could do to lessen the threat. This can cross over with recycling and the proper disposal of waste materials to protect animal habitats. A trip to Botanical Gardens to round-up our two-week theme.

Senior Citizens June 26 – June 30

This is a chance for children to think about the older generation. We are encouraging intergenerational connections. We are hoping to organize a trip to get the children to bring some joy to some senior citizens living in an assisted living facility i.e. games, books etc. Maybe form some pen pals or donate artwork. Collect Puzzles to donate to a senior center.

Joy Makers July 3 – July 7

We will focus on making a positive impact in our community. Smile challenge. Being helpful without being asked. Help teach someone something new. This week we are looking to make donations to those less fortunate than ourselves. We are looking to find things to donate to Stone Springs hospital. Make Caring Cards for patients at HealthSouth to brighten their day.

Health: Keeping ourselves fit July 10 – July 14

This week we will focus on physical fitness. Exercise and finding ways to get moving. This week we will have Field Days so the children can have fun while working out. The children will learn about muscles and the cardiovascular system.

Health: Healthy minds and bodies July 17 – July 21

This week the children will learn about nutrition and how it can impact our overall health. We will also explore germs and what we can do to stop the spread of germs. We can introduce some yoga for relaxation and mental/emotional health.

Active Military and Veterans July 24 – July 28

This week we will work on showing our appreciation for active members of the military as well as veterans. For the whole month we will be taking in donations for care packages to go out to the troops. The donations will come from the wishlist on Operation Gratitude. We will also be writing letters to military veterans.

Role Models July 30 – August 4

This week we will explore role models, particularly police officers, fire-fighters, doctors. We will have a field trip to the local fire station!

Creative Inventors August 7 – August 11

This is our invention week. We will place a particular emphasis on STEM activities as well as challenge the kids to think of inventions that can be helpful to the community. Their inventions could be used to help the environment or assist people in need.

Helping Hands August 14 – August 18

This week we will find ways to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Such as making healthy kid kits. Starting a food drive. We can also collect coloring books and stickers for the children in the hospital. We will end this week with the End of Summer Bash!

Mini Camp: Revisiting Camps High Points August 21 –August 23

Spend the last three days of summer recreating your favorite moments from Camp EdVenture. Children will be able to journal and create mini scrap books for their favorite moments of the summer.



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