Summer Camp Activities - Minnieland at England Run



Week of June 20 - June 24: A Hero’s Adventure

Campers will experience Super Heroes in a positive way. Team Building, cheers and camp flags will be the focus of this week!

  • Monday – summer Kick off with Kona Ice!
  • Tuesday: - Form Justice Leagues (Teams)
  • Wednesday – Super Hero Bears
  • Thursday – Fun with Magnetic Energy
  • Friday – Aquaman Experiments

Week of June 27-July 1 – Ready. Set, GO!

This week’s fun will be in the competitive sorts. We will learn sportsmanship and fun team games.

  • Monday – Field Trip – KD Kidz World
  • Tuesday – Swimming Pool
  • Wednesday – International Mud Day
  • Thursday - Swimming Pool
  • Friday – Marble Runs

Week of July 4 - July 8 – We Rock!

How fun will it be to discover minerals and crystals! With experiments with candy and throwing in some rock and roll as well!

  • Monday – School Closed for July 4th
  • Tuesday – Swimming Pool
  • Wednesday- Grow Crystals
  • Thursday - Swimming Pool
  • Friday – Pop Rock Experiments

Week of July 11- July 15 – Back To Our Roots

We will take a step back into time by walking through old establishments in Old town Fredericksburg to see how people lived in the past. We will discuss our own heritage and make a family tree with our families!!

  • Monday – Field Trip – Walking Tour of Old Town Fredericksburg
  • Tuesday – Swimming Pool
  • Wednesday – Colonial Days (make paper, candles, tin punch and more)
  • Thursday - Swimming Pool
  • Friday – Family Lunch Picnic & Make a Family Tree & Kona Ice

Week of July 18- July 22 – A Wild Adventure

Our main focus this week will be based on Survivor!  Challenges and games will be fun for all!  Who will make it out on top?

  • Monday – Field Trip to Brooks Park – Survivor Challenge!!
  • Tuesday – Swimming Pool
  • Wednesday – Elephant Toothpaste Experiment
  • Thursday - Swimming Pool
  • Friday – Youth Zone Survivor Games

Week of July 25- July 29 – Adventures in Space

We will explore and discover the past flight abilities as well as creating a futuristic hovercraft.  Pendulum painting will be exciting as we allow gravity to take hold and help us create new pictures.

  • Monday – Field Trip to Dulles Air & Space Museum
  • Tuesday – Swimming Pool
  • Wednesday – Make a Hovercraft
  • Thursday - Swimming Pool
  • Friday – Pendulum Painting

Week of August 1 – August 4 – Let’s Play

Our campers will play a variety of fun games and show the true meaning of Team Spirit.

  • Monday – Field Trip to Kings Dominion
  • Tuesday – Swimming Pool
  • Wednesday – Make Bouncy Balls
  • Thursday - Swimming Pool
  • Friday – Team Spirit Day

Week of August 8 – August 12 – Buggin’ Out

  • From tarantulas, to snakes, to scorpions and so much more!  Ms. Noreen will bring her menagerie to our school to show everyone how fun it is to discover how these creatures move in their own habitats.
  • Monday – Field Trip to Maymont Nature Center
  • Tuesday – Swimming Pool
  • Wednesday – Cody & BJ Campers - Pre K Campers
  • Thursday - Swimming Pool
  • Friday – Ms. Noreen’s Critter Zoo

Week of August 14 – August 18 – Mad Science

It is always fun when we mix children and science at the same time!  Exploring and experimenting different things through our adventures will give the children a fun way of exploring how things work and react with one another.

  • Monday – Field Trip to Richmond Science Museum
  • Tuesday – Swimming Pool
  • Wednesday – Explosive Paintings
  • Thursday - Swimming Pool
  • Friday – Coding necklace (Binary Codes)

Week of August 21 – August 25 – D.I.Y (Do It Yourself)

The children will get a sense of pride this week with creating and doing things themselves.  No matter how big or small the task will be, they will learn how important it is to complete projects on their own

  • Monday – Field Trip – Home Depot Kid Workshop & Alum Springs Park
  • Tuesday – Swimming Pool
  • Wednesday – Make an Earthquake Proof Tower
  • Thursday – Swimming Pool
  • Friday – Catapult fun

Week of August 29 – September 2 – Make It Messy

The messier, the better!  Bring your creativity and sense of humor as we get messy all week long!

  • Monday – Kona Ice
  • Tuesday – Swimming Pool
  • Wednesday – Fence Painting
  • Thursday – Swimming Pool
  • Friday – Summer Camp Showcase

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