Summer Camp Activities - Minnieland at Central Park



Week of June 20- June 24 - A Hero’s Adventure

Campers will create their own Superhero personas and begin to create their own classroom cities. They will be setting the scene for the rest of our summer.

  • Monday – Welcome to Camp
  • Tuesday: - Design your own superhero capes
  • Wednesday – Blasting away with air rockets
  • Thursday – Dress like a Superhero Day
  • Friday – Camp Kick Off Party

Week of June 27-July 1 – Ready, Set, Go!

This weeks journey takes us around the world to various countries and the campers will get to create their own means of transportation to get there. We will be traveling to Old Mill Park where we will be on the hunt for different ways of getting around.

  • Monday – Pool Day
  • Tuesday – Field Trip: Old Mill Park
  • Wednesday – Pool Day / MUD DAY!
  • Thursday – Racing our balloon powered cars
  • Friday – Around the World Scavenger Hunt

Week of July 4 - July 8 – We Rock!

Bring out your inner geologist! We will be getting down and dirty to explore fossils, geodes, and gems. We will be headed to Monroe Park to experience a day in the life of a gold miner. We can’t wait to see what gems the campers find!

  • Monday – School Closed for July 4th
  • Tuesday – Field Trip: Monroe Park Gold Mining
  • Wednesday – Pool Day
  • Thursday – Making our own fossils
  • Friday – Cooking Project: Hemisphere Cake

Week of July 11- July 15 – Back to Our Roots

We Are Family! Our campers will get to know their heritage and share their findings with their friends. We will be preparing some fun entertainment for the Family Cookout.  We will also be creating roots by working in our school garden. We have lots to plant.

  • Monday – Pool Day
  • Tuesday – Field Trip: Westmoreland Berry Farm
  • Wednesday – Pool Day
  • Thursday – Creating our Family Tree
  • Friday – Family Cook Out

Week of July 18- July 22 – A Wild Adventure

Campers will discover their wild side and explore the Amazon! They will get into teams to have the Youth Zone Survivor Games! We will have Safari Bingo visit to introduce us to some animals.

  • Monday – Pool Day
  • Tuesday – Create our own Immunity Necklaces
  • Wednesday- Pool Day
  • Thursday – Safari Bingo Event
  • Friday – Youth Zone Survivor Games

Week of July 25- July 29 – Adventures in Space

Campers will explore outer space in this week of far out adventures. Travel through space and time to learn all about our Solar System. Travel through space and learn about gravity, black holes, and moon rocks. We will create moon sand and talk about scientific properties of space.

  • Monday – Make Alien Slime
  • Tuesday – Field Trip- Air & Space Museum
  • Wednesday – Swimming Pool- Senior Campers
  • Thursday – Water Games
  • Friday – Build a Spaceship

Week of August 1 – August 5- Let’s Play

Campers will explore all of their favorite sports. We will learn rules to each game and practice playing. We will also learn good sportsman like conduct and discuss healthy competition. We will put these actions into motion when we have our Kickball tournament with the Castle.

  • Monday – Field Trip- King’s Dominion
  • Tuesday – Making Bouncy Balls
  • Wednesday – Swimming Pool- Senior Campers
  • Thursday – Water Games
  • Friday – Team Spirit

Week of August 8 – August 12- Buggin’ Out

Campers will explore all things bugs this week. We will explore the things that bugs eat, how they make their homes, and what bugs are dangerous to us. Each child will help to create an ant farm and create our own bugs.

  • Monday - Making a Worm Farm
  • Tuesday – Pete O’ Brien Animal Control
  • Wednesday – Going Buggy In House Play, Swimming Pool- Senior Campers
  • Thursday – Water Games
  • Friday – Cooking Ant Food

Week of August 15 – August 19 – Mad Science

Students will explore how to become scientists and create an edible volcanic eruption. We will journey through the science museum to find crazy and mindboggling science. Each child will create a mad science lab coat to wear in our mad science photoshoot.

  • Monday – Explosive Painting
  • Tuesday – Field Trip- Richmond Science Museum
  • Wednesday – Swimming Pool- Senior Campers
  • Thursday – Water Games
  • Friday – Cooking Growing Gummy Bears

Week of August 22- August 26- D.I.Y.

Campers will explore creating blueprints and building birdhouses. We will explore our own creative processes and discover a hobby that makes each child happy. We will explore tools, materials and blueprints that will help to enable the creative process in each child.

  • Monday – Pool Day
  • Tuesday – Jimmy Potter’s Workshop Event
  • Wednesday – Pool Day
  • Thursday – Build your own birdfeeder
  • Friday-Cooking Project: Graham Cracker Building

Week of August 29- September 2- Ready, Set, Go

Vroom Vroom, let’s race through this week to discover speed and sound!  Campers will discover how to create rams and rollercoasters this week. What makes things fast, what slows things down, and how we can get the most out of our last week at Camp Edventure!

  • Monday- Kona Ice is here
  • Tuesday- Building Roller Coasters
  • Wednesday- Cooking Energy Trail Mix
  • Thursday-Relay Water Games
  • Friday- Summer Camp Showcase

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