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Week of June 20-24:  Summer Camp Kick Off

During the first week of camp, our campers will start off their summer with a week-long celebration and preview of the fun and exciting events our summer camp program has to offer. We will begin the week with introduction to Summer Camp and making flags and chants. Children will learn bus rules by doing bus drills all week.  Campers will enjoy our Summer Kickoff Party on Friday June 17th from 6:30pm-8:00pm. We will have a Cook Out, Moon Bounce, DJ, and Face Painting, so bring your family and friends and enjoy the night. We will end the week with a musical production from Cody & BJ.

Week of June 27- July 1:  Blazin’ Fires

Campers will thrive this summer by learning camping skills and manners along with learning the importance of fire safety.  Sitting around a virtual campfire, getting to know each other, will be the start to an awesome summer! We will start the week off by taking a Field Trip to the Reston Zoo.  With nearly 300 zoos in the United States, zoos represent a form of entertainment and educational activity that has been around for centuries. From the design of animal habitats to procedures for fall protection, fire plans and more, a zoo safety professional will work with the children to teach them the importance of fire safety for the animals at the zoo. This week is also a start to our pool days every Wednesday and Friday. We will end the week with our International Mud Day.

Week of July 4 – July 8:   Goin’ Green

Campers will explore the three green R’s:  Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. From creating artwork with reusable materials to becoming advocates for change, campers will learn the value of self-respect and respect for others all while learning the value of protecting our Earth! Throughout the week our art activities will consist of using recyclables, our campers will take a Field Trip to the Children’s Science Center, where they will learn the difference between recyclables, hazardous materials, electronic waste, yard materials and landfill trash in Race to Recycle, and they identify eco-friendly packaging at the grocery-themed Discovery Market. Meanwhile, in the Eco Garage, kids figure out how to dispose of paint, batteries and motor oil.

Week of July 11 - July 15:  Back to Our Roots

Campers will delve into family heritage and local history as well as hone their gardening skills.  This week, campers will be inspired to make nutritional culinary creations with items from the garden as well as sharing family favorites. Some of the exciting activities campers will participate in is making a family tree to share the history of each family. Often we think that great history is in the halls of Congress, in the White House, or on battlefields. Actually it may be sitting just across the table or coming to visit on Sunday afternoons.Our Camp A group will be taking a Field Trip to Signal Hill Water Park and our Camp B group will be taking a trip to Great Falls Park. We will end the week with the Bubble Lady bringing us all Back to Our Roots!!

Week of July 18- July 22:  Camp Champs

Campers will not only participate in sports and games but also value the importance of becoming champions of our community through outreach and stewardship.  Some of the activities campers will participate in this week are taking a Field Trip to the Great Country Farm. The children will enjoy a hayride, peach picking and some outdoor sports fun.

Week of July 25- July 29:  Buggin’ Out

This week our campers will creep and crawl through an intensive study of all things bugs!  This week campers will take a Field Trip to the Discovery Museum, This is a friendly, hands-on, interactive center for informal education. The children will have the opportunity to learn nature’s beauty of how bugs are helping our environment. We will end the week with a Buggin’ puppet show.

Week of August 1 – August 5: Gigantic Antics

Campers will go BIG this week as everything this week will be elevated to the extreme: large things and extreme fun!  During our gigantic antics week campers will participate in “Bigger than Life Games!”Campers will take a Field Trip to Camp High Roads for some team building activities. Camper will also go to Burke Lake for some gigantic fun. We will end the week with the Mad Scientist with some over the top science experiments.

Week of August 8 – August 12:  Shoot for the Stars

Campers will try to reach their full potential, while exploring Aviation, Outer Space, and Astronomy.  This week the campers will be going to visit the Air & Space Museum. The Smithsonian’s educational programs often feature pioneers in aviation and space, including pilots, astronauts, and scientists. The children will be learning the discoveries on Mercury, the Moon and Mars. They will also learn definitive research on spacesuits, and who wrote a children's book on the demotion of Pluto.

Week of August 15 – August 19: Summer Showcase

Campers will showcase their talents and reflect back on the exciting things they did this summer.  Along with showcasing their talents, campers will enjoy taking a Field Trip to the Hylton Performing Arts Theatre where they will show off their talents on the big stage.  

Week of August 22 – August 26:  Back to School Review

During this week, we will work with our campers in getting them ready for the new school year.  Campers will also enjoy some outdoor fun!


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