Summer Camp Activities - Minnieland at Leavells


Join us this summer through the sands of time

Wild West Week June 19-23

People are settling out West to pan for gold, and there’s new territory to settle. We’ll be venturing into the outdoors, learning some new skills, and making some new friends as we kick off our Summer Camp Edventure.

*Don’t forget to wear your best western gear on spirit day

The Roaring 1920’s June 26-30

It’s the first week of pool and field trips, and we are ready to let loose like it’s the roaring twenties! We’ll be dawning our flapper feathered hair pieces, and learning how to dance the Charleston.

*Mud Day is Thursday, June 29th

The Big Screen 1930’s July 3-7

The Golden Age of Hollywood gave us classics such as Gone with the Wind and The Wizard of Oz. And let’s not forgot the rising popularity of a certain Disney mouse. We will be busy recreating the glamour of old Hollywood, and fulfilling our dreams of being on the big screen.

*Minnieland centers will be closed on Tuesday, July 4th

The Jazzy 1940’s July 10-14

Jazz music is at its height, and everyone is learning how to jitterbug. It’s the 1940’s and America is introduced to the role model Rosie the Riveter and the comic superhero Captain America.

Rock N’ 1950’s July 17-21

We’re going to rock around the clock by hosting our own Minnieland Bandstand. And we can’t forget the toys of the 1950’s; we’ll be designing our own Barbies and mixing up our own silly putty.

Out of this World 1960’s July 24-28

We’ll be headed out of this world and exploring space in the 1960’s. We’ll also be having a blast learning the popular dances such as the funky chicken, the mashed potato, and the twist.

The Groovy 1970’s July 31- August 4

A time of disco, tie-dye, and everyone is introduced to a galaxy far, far away. We’ll be putting on our own Muppets Show, designing pet rocks, and learning the hustle.

Game On! 1980’s August 7-11

We’re all thrilled for the 1980’s. We’ll be wearing our brightest neon while we learn the electric slide. We will be introduced to the most beloved arcade classics and toys of the decade.

The Animated 1990’s August 14-18

A decade that most of our camp counselors are reminiscent of, where pop groups were at their height in popularity, and every kid had a collection of Pokémon and Pogs. We’ll be weaving our own choker necklaces, making homemade Dunkaroo Dip, and designing our own cartoon characters.

The Tech Savvy 2000’s August 21-25

We all remember the debut of reality tv show competitions like Survivor and American Idol. Camps will be hosting their own talent shows and camp survivor games.

Into the Future August 28- September 1

The possibilities are endless for the future. Our campers are our future; they will be designing future fashion, creating miniature hovercrafts and jet packs, and designing robots.



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