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Week of June 13th-17th - Fiesta!

Campers will be introduced to many different Central and South American countries. We will be learning the differences in customs and foods; as well as music and language. At the end of the week we will welcome the summer and officially begin Camp Edventure with an awesome fiesta! All are welcome to join the fun!

  • Tuesday: Last Day of School Celebration
  • Wednesday: Summer Camp Chants & Flags, Intro to Summer Camp
  • Thursday: Bus Rules & Safety, Summer Camp Safety, Bus Drills
  • Friday: Summer Camp Kick Off Celebration/ MINNIELAND FIESTA!

Week of June 20th-24th - Amazing Adventures

Campers will have the week to explore nature and go on adventures in the great outdoors! We will explore the wonders and puzzles of nature. Learning survival skills will give the campers the confidence to explore the wilderness knowing they’ll be ready for any situation. This week will feature nature walks, a trip to a gorgeous cavern and lots more

  • Monday: Outdoor Exploration:  Nature Walk
  • Tuesday: Environmental Studies: Skyline Caverns Field Trip
  • Wednesday: Literacy: Introducing- Magic Tree House series for our summer reading program.
  • Thursday: Historical Recap: Travel in Time
  • Friday: Critical Thinking & Comprehension: In House Scavenger House

 Week of June 27th-July 1st- H2WOW

  • Educators have a tremendous opportunity to teach their young students about the significant role water plays in our society. This week we not only are playing and experimenting with water but also emphasizing the importance of keeping our water supply clean and using water wisely. 
  • Monday: Science: Marine Life
  • Tuesday: Aquarium Shadowbox
  • Wednesday: Mud Day! / 1st Pool Day!
  • Thursday: Science: Water Cycle in a Bag
  • Friday: Science: Pollution Solution

 Week of July 4th- 8th - Anything Goes

 Campers will compose and arrange their own activities this week. This gives them a sense of responsibility and control that will help them with self-confidence, organization and creativity.

  • Monday: Minnieland Closed
  • Tuesday: King Pinz Field Trip
  • Wednesday: Pool Day!
  • Thursday: Fitness Fun: Bring Your Bike to School
  • Friday: Paint the Sky

 Week of July 11th-15th - Around the World

  •  This week campers will explore the beautiful countries of the world. Learning about everything that defines a culture; history, music, food, dance, language and people. We will learn about the meanings of the colors in flags and the symbolism it represents. The Campers will participate in a mock “Amazing Race” where they will use the information learned throughout the week to complete super exciting challenges.
  • Monday: World Studies: Trying foods from different cultures.
  • Tuesday: Literacy: Fun Phrases
  • Wednesday: Pool Day!
  • Thursday: Art: Art across the World
  • Friday: Music & Dance

Week of July 18th-28th - Lead Chef

 Chefs will taste and experiment with new foods. The little chefs will visit various locations within our school and survey the available ingredients, tools and appliances to create delicious cuisines. This week also includes the breakdown of foods and their effects on the body. Proteins, carbs, vitamins, sugars, what do they all mean to the body? How much is too much and how much is just enough to make your body as healthy as possible.

  • Monday: Science: Food Science
  • Tuesday: Nutrition: Healthy Snacks & Sweet Treats
  • Wednesday: Pool Day!
  • Thursday: Math & Nutrition: Quick Dinners
  • Friday: Critical Thinking: CHOPPED Cooking Challenge


Week of July 25th-29th - Gizmos Gadgets & Goo

 Enjoy a wide range of fun science projects and experiments. Campers will be covering topics such as earth, animals, technology, water, biology, chemistry and space.  Indulging  in activities that are perfect for teaching students the basics of science. Challenge kids from an elementary to high school level with science activities that they will enjoy

  • Monday: Anatomy & Robotics: The Human Robot
  • Tuesday: Publications & Broadcasting: Invention Commercials
  • Wednesday: Mad Science In House Show/ Pool Day!
  • Thursday: STEM: Pom Pom Drop
  • Friday: Science: Get Slimy!

Week of August 1st-5th - Artful Antics

This week has been developed to introduce young children to beginning skills, and art tools. Our young artists will be introduced to basic art vocabulary, and encouraged to acquire new skills through this activity-based studio art class. Children will be introduced to clay, printmaking, charcoal drawing, painting, design, montage, watercolors, sculpture, stain glass, and more. Students will be introduced to color theory and will learn about primary, secondary, cool, and warm colors. Children will be given opportunity to explore, create, and achieve

  • Monday: Cobb Theater Field Trip (Theater & Film)
  • Tuesday: Doodles & Masterpieces
  • Wednesday: Pool Day!
  • Thursday: Pottery & Sculpting
  • Friday: Photography

Week of August 8th-12th - Space Is the Place

Campers will reach for the stars this weeks! Learning about all that is outer space and aviation with exciting projects and field trips. The planetarium is a super cool way for the children to really see what’s out beyond the atmosphere of our planet earth.

  • Monday: STEM: Card Board Rockets
  • Tuesday: Science: Moon Rocks Experiment
  • Wednesday: Pool Day!
  • Thursday: Hylton Planetarium Field Trip
  • Friday: Science: Solar System Project Showcase

Week of August 15th-19th - Animal Planet

There are millions of animal species but lucky for us we can classify them into a lesser number of kingdoms and groups. We will learn the qualities that classify these animals to their individual groups. Campers will create their own new species by the end of the week. We will be attending a local zoo to inspire our new species.

  • Monday: Outdoor Explorations: Nature Walk
  • Tuesday: Geography: Boundless Biomes
  • Wednesday:  Last Pool Day!
  • Thursday: Reston Zoo Field Trip
  • Friday: Fitness Fun: Animal Yoga

Week of 22nd-26th - The Last Hurrah

Campers will experience thrills chills and spills of excitement will the extreme challenges they will face this week. Your thrill seeker will jump, race and climb through fun obstacle courses the will create as teams. This last week of camp will be jam packed with fun and memorable experiences.

  • Monday: Rebounderz Field Trip
  • Tuesday: Fitness Fun: Summer Olympics
  • Wednesday: Fitness Fun: 1 Mile Color Run
  • Thursday: Performing Arts: An Epic Talen Show
  • Friday: End of Summer Luau!











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