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Fun Fusion!

Campers will participate in a variety of activities and have many fun-filled experiences! Imaginations will soar, new skills will be acquired and memories will be created, with colorful crafts, performing arts, technology integration, science exploration and more!

Zen Quest

Campers will set out to explore their local natural environments through nature walks, scavenger hunts, sight and sound games and more. It’s a great time to connect to nature, learn patience, self-control, and serenity during these sessions and truly enjoy their Zen Quest! Field trips include caverns and local parks too.


Educators have a tremendous opportunity to teach their young students about the significant role water plays in our society. This week we not only are playing and experimenting with water but also emphasizing the importance of keeping our water supply clean and using water wisely.

Creative Pastimes

Campers will get a chance to explore various crafts and hobbies during this week! From duct-tape crafts, Zentangle, scarf-dyeing, origami, sewing, basic woodworking creations, jewelry making and more!

Around The World 

This week campers will explore the beautiful countries of the world. Learning about everything that defines a culture; history, music, food, dance, language and people. We will learn about the meanings of the colors in flags and the symbolism it represents. The Campers will participate in a mock “Amazing race where they will use the information learned throughout the week to complete super exciting challenges.

Animal Planet

There are millions of animal species, but lucky for us we can classify them into a lesser number of kingdoms and groups. We will learn the qualities that classify these animals to their individual groups. Campers will create their own new species by the end of the week. We will be attending a local zoo to inspire our new species.

Culinary Creations

Chefs will taste and experiment with new foods. The little chefs will visit various locations within our school and survey the available ingredients, tools and appliances to create delicious appetizers, entrees, desserts and more! Health and Nutrition will also be featured this week, highlighting the various types of foods their effects on the body.

Proteins, carbs, vitamins, sugars, what do they all mean to the body? How much is too much and how much is just enough to make your body as healthy as possible. We have a professional Baker and Chef visit our school for a special community-connection event!

Digital Adventures & Engineering

Campers will have a jammed packed week of design, explore, and learn engineering principals, mathematical concepts, virtual environments, and more. Campers will enjoy Minecraft, LEGO robotics, Sketch-Up Make program, learn the basics of movie making, digital photography and more! (All features are options that students will have opportunities to explore at their own pace and interest, throughout the week)

Young Exhibitionists

This week has been developed to introduce young children to beginning skills, and art tools. Our young artists will be introduced to basic art vocabulary, and encouraged to acquire new skills through interactive, freestyled creative arts and crafts sessions. Children will be introduced to clay, printmaking, charcoal drawing, montage, watercolors, sculpture, stain glass, and more. Students will be introduced to color theory and will learn about primary, secondary, cool, and warm colors. Children will be given opportunity to explore, create, and achieve! All creations will be on display

Space Is The Place

Campers will reach for the stars this weeks! Learning about all that is outer space and aviation with exciting projects and field trips. The planetarium is a super cool way for the children to really see what’s out beyond the atmosphere of our planet earth.

Fear Factor

Campers will experience thrills chills and spills of excitement will the extreme challenges they will face this week. Your thrill seeker will jump, race and climb through fun obstacle courses the will create as teams. Everyone will compete for that winning title of ultimate fearless warrior! From trying bizarre foods to completing tough physical challenges this week will be full of surprises and more.

Best of the Best

Campers will show case their talents and share their most cherished memories from the summer at Camp Edventure. We will award superlative awards and create a year book of our summer together at Minnieland!


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