Our Educational Support Team

Significant to our mission, "Learning in a Loving Environment", is Minnieland Academy's Educational Specialists Team. This group of highly trained individuals provides our Teachers and Directors with advanced expertise in Early Childhood Education and classroom policies and procedures. They offer a combination of real world experience in teaching and management, as well as technical knowledge and theory into each of our programs.

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Teaching Methods Based on Careful Research

We know that children learn best when the activities that are chosen match the child’s current educational level. We know that children are naturally motivated to learn more about topics that pique their curiosity. From infancy up through school age, carefully created programming based on the latest knowledge on how children learn is shared with each Teacher who works at Minnieland Academy. 

How we Support Our Teachers

Our Teachers are not just handed a curriculum and told to read the directions like a recipe in a cookbook. They are taught how to observe children and write lesson plans based on children’s needs and interests. 

The education of Teachers and Managers is deliberate and tiered by level of expertise. An Individualized Training Program is created for each Teacher and Manager that describes their learning goals over the course of the year. There are periodic formal assessments done by the Education Team in every classroom to determine each Teacher’s progress in implementing what they have learned. Managers also receive systematic classes on educational leadership, which helps them to better support the needs of the Teachers in their school.






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