Minnieland at Castle Announces Summer Camp Activities


Week of June 20-24 A Hero’s Adventure

Campers will begin their summer by creating exciting teams, chants, flags, and ending with an all totally awesome Superhero Day!  They will get to show us their best capes and gowns!

  • Monday – Permission Slip & Sunscreen Collection
  • Tuesday - Group Chants
  • Wednesday – Group Flags
  • Thursday – Bus Rules
  • Friday – Superhero Day

Week of June 27-July 1 – Ready, Set, GO!

  • This week our Campers will learn all about building, and exertion of energy.  They will not only have the opportunity to build and race their own structures but learn that they too use their bodies to move and create energy!
  • Monday - Swimming
  • Tuesday – Race Car building
  • Wednesday - Mud Day
  • Thursday – Kona Ice/Field Trip-Allum Spring-Senior Campers
  • Friday - Swimming Pool

Week of July 4 - July 8 – We Rock!

Our Campers will be showing off their best Rock Star skills this week.  They will group together and prepare songs and routines to share with all. This week we will prepare them for their debuts.

  • Monday – School Closed for July 4th
  • Tuesday – Lip Sync Battle
  • Wednesday – Rock Painting
  • Thursday – Kona Ice/Talen Show
  • Friday - Swimming Pool

Week of July 11- July 15 – Back To Our Roots

Every Camper wonders what their future holds, how their pasts were, and what tomorrow will bring.  This week our Campers will create their own Time Capsules to bury and dig up next Summer.  We will wrap up the week with a family get together for all of our families to come and talk and share stories.

  • Monday – Swimming
  • Tuesday – Make a Time Capsule
  • Wednesday – Bring a family recipe to make a recipe book
  • Thursday – Field Trip-Maymont Park
  • Friday - Swimming Pool

Week of July 18- July 22 – A Wild Adventure

Campers will explore crafts that will bring out their inner artist skills.  Our Older Campers (2nd grade and up) will visit a local theme park while our younger friends will explore their adventurous sides.

  • Monday – Swimming
  • Tuesday – Tie Dye Bandanas
  • Wednesday – Paper Mache
  • Thursday – Field Trip-Kings Dominion
  • Friday - Swimming Pool

Week of July 25- July 29 – Adventures in Space

Exploring the space around us this week our Campers will have the opportunity to learn, create, and play.  We will have everyone creating space slime and cooking space-tastic delicious power food!

  • Monday – Swimming
  • Tuesday – Space Slime
  • Wednesday – Cooking-Cosmo Cakes
  • Thursday – Kona Ice/Field Trip-Bowling
  • Friday - Swimming Pool

Week of August 1 – August 4 – Let’s Play

Our Campers will get together and play team sports that encourage their cooperation and team building skills.  Simple every day games will help them work together and build that team work and friendship.

  • Monday – Swimming
  • Tuesday – Capture the Flag
  • Wednesday – Minute to Win It
  • Thursday – Field Trip-Sneads Asparagus Farm
  • Friday - Swimming Pool

Week of August 8 – August 12 – Buggin’ Out

Creepy, Crawly, Bugs!  This week the Campers will be able to explore live amphibians and other living animals.  Science experiments will allow the children to learn hands on how rain is created.

  • Monday – Swimming
  • Tuesday – Raging Reptiles
  • Wednesday – DIY Rain Clouds
  • Thursday – Kona Ice
  • Friday - Swimming Pool

Week of August 14 – August 18 – Mad Science

Our explorations will continue this week while our Campers focus on science.  They will have the opportunity to create exploding, exciting projects and documenting their predictions and outcomes.

  • Monday – Swimming
  • Tuesday – Erupting Volcanos
  • Wednesday – Science Experiments
  • Thursday – Field Trip-Mad Science @ Leavells
  • Friday - Swimming Pool/Candy Science

Week of August 21 – August 25 – DIY

This week our Campers will have the chance to create every piece of work their hearts desire.  They will have the chance to decide on projects and create them from scratch. 

  • Monday – Swimming
  • Tuesday – Teddy Get Ready
  • Wednesday – Dream Catcher
  • Thursday – Pillow Making
  • Friday – Swimming

Week of August 29-Make It Messy

This is our last week of Camp for our friends.  The Campers will have the most fun being able to get down and messy with fun creative crafts that are meant to be messy!  Why not end of the messiest note of the Summer….covered in dirt, paint, and sweat!

  • Monday – Eggshell Splat Paint
  • Tuesday – Dirt Cups
  • Wednesday – Spray Chalk
  • Thursday – Kona Ice
  • Friday – Summer Camp Showcase








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