Minnieland Academy and UVA Award First Micro-Credential from Pilot Program


Minnieland Academy and The University of Virginia, Curry School of Education and the Center for Advanced Studies of Teaching and Learning (CASTL) are proud to recognize teachers who have been awarded the very first “Earning Your Badge: Supporting Children to Observe and Describe” Micro-Credential.

CONGRATULATIONSto: Maria Mead (Minnieland, England Run), Tonia Whitman (Minnieland, Dominion Valley), Edna Oppong (Minnieland, The Glen), Emily Holt (Minnieland, Belmont), Constance Berthiaume (Minnieland, Dulles), Kenya Thompson (Minnieland, Leesburg) and Shabnum Bhatti (Minnieland, The Glen).

Teachers were selected by members of the Education and Operations team in recognition of their dedication, commitment and hard work in their classrooms, schools and with the children and families they care for. Teachers who earned their “badge” for “Supporting Children to Observe and Describe” fulfilled the following requirements after completing an online course and demonstrated their abilities in three essential areas, receiving a “yes” based on the rubrics outlined: 1) Annotate a lesson plan 2) Record (video)implementing the lesson and 3) Watch and reflect on interactions. 

We deeply appreciate these teachers who made the commitment to participate. They are an inspiration to others! This is an exciting opportunity for our teachers to show their abilities in the classroom and strive towards creating the best programs for children and families.

The Micro-Credentialprogram was developed in collaboration with The University of Virginia (UVA) Center for Advanced Studies of Teaching and Learning (CASTL) and Minnieland Academy and The Merit Schools to better provide opportunities for teachers to demonstrate classroom skills and teaching abilities.



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