Is Your Child Having Trouble Making Friends?

It’s a problem that many parents worry about. While we make Minnieland Academy an engaging environment and reach out to each child, sometimes shyness makes them a bit reserved when reaching out to other children. While it’s a difficult topic to navigate, we have a few tips that may just help.

  • Stay up to date with the adults in your child’s life. Teachers play a key role in the development of your child and know exactly how your child interacts in a public setting for a day. Talking with your child’s teacher can open your eyes to a lot of things you may not realize about your little one. Be sure to not skip those parent-teacher meetings, as they can be the most help in your search for an answer.
  • If you are still uneasy about your little one’s progress in making friends, try watching behaviors more closely than normal. Sometimes problematic behaviors at home only become bigger when in a less familiar environment.
  • It’s okay if your child has fewer friends. Your worries may really just have to do with the nature of how your child interacts. Some children thrive on a group of friends, while others prefer to keep one or two close. Being an introvert or an extravert plays a part in this as well – some children rather keep to themselves in general.


Keep these things in mind as you figure out where your child stands, and of course – be sure to talk about these things one-on-one with your little one. It can make all the difference.



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