How Summer Camp Changes your Child for the Better

When the winter snow begins to melt and the temperatures begin to warm up, our minds instantly transfer to the best season of the year, summer. The warm weather, days lounging at the beach and pool, long nights and the most exciting part for your child, no school! The break from the school year and summer is a long one, and your child could potentially be further behind in their development when it comes to social, cognitive, and physical skills if left alone to do nothing all summer. What is a parent to do? Minnieland Academy has the perfect solution, summer camp!

Studies show that children who participate in summer camp have an immense amount of growth when it comes to building life-long skills like decision-making and teamwork. It also allows your child to become a strong, independent individual and that is a key to being a successful adult. We have to agree that summer camp is a pretty amazing experience.

Minnieland Academy offers summer adventures for all of your child’s needs. Whether it’s learning how to swim, gardening, exploring new places, field trips, learning basic culinary skills, social interaction or a constant desire for learning, Minnieland provides it all. At no extra charge, Minnieland Academy’s Summer Camp Edventure includes a hot breakfast and lunch each day as well as an afternoon snack so your child is fueled for their adventure packed day. Get ready to enroll now for the upcoming summer, as space is limited. Your child won’t want to miss what’s in store.

Click here for an informational article on the benefits of summer camp for children by Todd Kestin, published in the Huffington Post.



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